Fox's Terry Bradshaw: Lions' Bob Quinn should be fired, Matt Patricia has 'gotta go'

Justin Rogers
The Detroit News

When the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Terry Bradshaw with the No. 1 overall pick in 1970, the franchise had one postseason appearance and no playoff wins in its 37-year history. Five years later, the team won its first Super Bowl. 

So Bradshaw speaks from experience when talking about turning around a downtrodden operation. And for the Detroit Lions to flip their disgraceful script, it has to start with changing the current leadership, according to the Fox analyst. 

Fox NFL analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw says Lions general manager Bob Quinn, left, and head coach Matt Patricia must go.

"I think Bob Quinn, the general manager, should be fired," Bradshaw said during Fox NFL Sunday. "The head coach has gotta go, if not during the season, after. Nothing has changed there — they're still losing.

"I remember going into Pittsburgh in '70, Joe Greene was drafted No. 1 (No. 4 overall) the year before, he was the foundation for that franchise," Bradshaw continued. "They made it right, right off the bat. It was Joe Greene that got it started. And the winning started and all of sudden the attitude changed. A losing franchise in the 50s and 60s, and the Steelers turned it around. The Lions can do that, but they've got to get the right people."

Bradshaw said it will then be up to Detroit's ownership to find the right replacements, something likely to ring hollow with Lions fans who quickly will point out the only constant during the team's six plus decades of futility has been the Ford family at the helm. 

Currently, Sheila Ford Hamp is in her first season as principal owner, taking over after her mother Martha Firestone Ford stepped down from the role this summer. Firestone Ford inherited the team from her husband Williams Clay Ford after he passed away in 2014. 

"And don't go to New England. The only one up there that can coach is Bill Belichick," Bradshaw added in closing, acknowledging Quinn and coach Matt Patricia's ties to that organization. 

Bradshaw's rant followed a montage of the Lions' history of failure to an original song by actor and Michigan native Jeff Daniels

Daniels, who has done the voice over for the team's intro video at Ford Field, has long been a vocal backer of the Lions. This week he appeared on the "Rich Eisen Show" to promote his new project "The Comey Rule," when the conversation turned to football. 

"They don't just lose, they lose and they break your heart doing so," Daniels said during the interview. "You just know if you lean towards we're going to win, you're going to get your heart broken. It's just you think we're cursed, but I don't know.  It's getting difficult. It's getting real difficult."

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