Recap: Lions defeat Washington on last-second field goal by Prater, 30-27

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News

The Lions will try to stop a two-game losing skid Sunday when they play host to the Washington Football Team.

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Game summary

The Detroit Lions gave up 21 unanswered in the second half on Sunday but held off Washington Football Team with a 59-yard field goal from Matt Prater as time expired to escape with a 30-27 win.

Final leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 24/33, 276 yds., 3 TD

WAS - Alex Smith: 38/55, 390 yds.


DET - D'Andre Swift: 16 att., 81 yds.

WAS - Antonio Gibson: 13 att., 45 yds., 2 TD


DET - Marvin Jones: 8 rec., 96 yds., TD

WAS - Terry McLaurin: 7 rec., 95 yds.

Lions squeeze past Washington on Prater's 59-yard field goal

Detroit gets it at the 25 on a touchback. The Lions have two timeouts left with 16 seconds remaining in a tie game.

Matthew Stafford completes a throw to Quintez Cephus for a gain of 10.

Timeout #2 Detroit (0:12 4th)

Stafford has Cephus deep on the next play, but Cephus can't locate the ball and the pass falls incomplete. But there is a roughing-the-passer penalty, giving Detroit the ball at midfield with 6 seconds left.

Stafford gets it out quickly to Marvin Jones on the next play for a pickup of 9 to the 41, which should give Matt Prater a chance.

Timeout #3 Detroit (0:03 4th)

Prater, kicking from the logo, puts home the 59-yard field goal to win.


Washington ties game at 27 with 0:16 left

Washington takes over at its own 11 after a penalty on the kickoff return. There's 2:33 on the clock. Washington trails by 3 and has one timeout remaining.

Alex Smith's first-down throw is too high for Logan Thomas, incomplete. Steven Sims hauls in a 5-yard completion on second down. Washington hurries to the line and gets off a play just before the two-minute warning, but is then flagged for illegal hands to the face.

It'll be third-and-13 at the 8 when we return.

**Two-minute warning**

Smith completes a throw to McLaurin that picks up 26 yards and a new set of downs.

Smith then throws complete to McKissic for a gain of 5 to the Washington 39. He misses to Cam Sims down the sideline, bringing up third-and-5. Smith's third-down throw is too low for McLaurin, and Washington is down to its last chance here on fourth-and-5.

Smith's throw to McLaurin is incomplete, but Desmond Trufant is handed a pass interference penalty. That'll keep the drive alive, and give Washington first-and-10 at the 44.

Smith's first-down pass to McKissic is incomplete. Detroit gets pressure on Smith on second down and forces a throw to the turf. 1:06 left.

The throw is incomplete, but there's another flag: This time it's on Jayron Kearse for defensive holding. First-and-10 Washington at its own 49.

Smith's throw on first down is over the head of McKissic, incomplete. 0:57 to go. Smith's pass on second down is batted at the line of scrimmage and falls to the turf. Smith gets it away to Cam Sims on third down for a completion that'll get exactly 10 yards to keep the chains moving.

Timeout #3 Washington (0:47 4th)

It's first-and-10 at the Lions 40.

Smith on first down throws over the head of Jeff Badet. He completes a second-down throw to McLaurin, however, and McLaurin gets out of bounds at the 29 for a gain of 11. It's first down. 0:36 left.

Smith gets rid of the ball on first down with nobody open. Washington takes a delay-of-game penalty before its next play, making it second-and-15 at the 34. Steve Sims drops an easy pass over the middle. 0:26 left.

Steve Sims on the next play catches an 11-yard pass before going out of bounds at the 23, bringing up fourth down.

Dustin Hopkins ties the game with a 41-yard field goal.

Lions 27, Washington 27 (0:16 4th)

Lions take 27-24 lead late in fourth

Detroit takes over at its own 25. The Lions are tied at 24 with Washington and have gone three-and-out on their previous two drives.

D'Andre Swift picks up 9 yards on a first-down screen. Matthew Stafford goes back to Swift on the next play, a 7-yard gain to the 39.

Swift gets popped for a loss of 1 on a first-down carry. Marvin Jones makes it third-and-1 with a 10-yard reception on second down. Swift catches the left-side edge and runs to the 35 of Washington for a 17-yard gain.

The Lions continue to feed Swift. He marches up the middle for a pickup of 9 on first down, then pushes forward to the 20-yard-line for a 6-yard run that keeps the chains moving.

Timeout #1 Washington (2:56 4th)

Stafford fakes the give to Swift but throws the ball away with nobody open. Swift is tackled for a gain of 1 on second down.

Timeout #2 Washington (2:47 4th)

Stafford on third down is forced to throw it away, again with defenders in his face and nobody to throw the ball to.

Matt Prater's 37-yard field goal is good.

Lions 27, Washington 24 (2:37 4th)

Washington owns all the momentum after tying game in fourth

Washington takes over at its own 34 after forcing the three-and-out. The Lions are clinging to a 7-point lead with 8:53 to go in the game. Washington has scored on its last two possessions. 

Alex Smith is flushed from the pocket on first down, rolls right and throws it away. J.D. McKissic rushes for 5 on second down. Steven Sims gets as open as the day is long on third down, and Smith drops it in for a 23-yard gain to the Detroit 38.

Logan Thomas hauls in a big throw on the next play for 27 yards, bringing up first-and-10 at the 11 of Detroit.

McKissic gets stopped for a 1-yard gain on first down. Gibson gets to the corner for a 10-yard touchdown run.

The game is tied.

Lions 24, Washington 24 (6:09 4th)

Lions offense stuck in reverse as Washington closes in

Detroit takes over at its own 25 after the Washington touchdown. The Lions lead, 24-17, with 11:21 left in the fourth quarter.

A holding penalty brings back a first-down completion to T.J. Hockenson that would have come close to moving the chains. It's first-and-20 at the 15, instead.

Danny Amendola catches a pass for no gain. D'Andre Swift hauls in a throw from Matthew Stafford, spins out of a tackle, and goes down at the 28 for a gain of 13.

Stafford is sacked on third-and-7. There's a flag where the tackle is made, but it's picked up. Fourth down.

Jack Fox's punt is fair caught at the Washington 34.

Lions 24, Washington 17 (8:53 4th)

Smith, Washington offense put sweat on Lions' brow with second straight touchdown drive

Washington takes over at its own 16, hoping to build off the momentum of its previous drive. Washington trails 24-10 with 1:00 left in the third quarter.

Alex Smith's first-down throw is a big one, and caught by Cam Sims for a 19-yard gain to the 35. 

Smith nearly crosses into Detroit territory with his next throw, which is caught by Logan Thomas for a pickup of 14 to the Washington 49.

Antonio Gibson rushes for 4 yards on first down, bringing the third quarter to a close.

END 3RD: Lions 24, Washington 10

Smith throws complete to Isaiah Wright for a 4-yard completion on second down, bringing up third-and-2: J.D. McKissic moves the chains with a 2-yard run.

Terry McLaurin catches a pass for 11 yards on the next play. It's first-and-10 at the 30.

Gibson catches the first-down pass but loses a yard. Smith's next throw is tipped at the line, but it goes directly to Wright for a 13-yard completion at the 18 of Detroit.

Smith then gets the ball to Gibson for a pickup of 8 before hitting Wright for a pickup of 8.

Gibson punches it in on first-and-goal from the 1, and the Lions lead is suddenly in doubt.

Lions 24, Washington 17 (11:21 4th)

Lions go three-and-out after Washington touchdown

Detroit takes over at the 25. The Lions lead 24-10 with 2:30 left in the third quarter.

Jesse James hauls in a 5-yard completion on first down. Kerryon Johnson gets his first carry of the game on second down, a gain of 3. Matthew Stafford misses to Marvin Jones on third down.

Jack Fox's punt is fielded at the 16 for no gain.

Lions 24, Washington 10 (1:00 3rd)

Washington scores first touchdown of game, cuts deficit to 24-10

Washington's first series of the half will start at the 18. It needs a score soon, trailing Detroit 24-3 with 7:52 to go in the third quarter.

Alex Smith checks down to Antonio Gibson on first down, which nets a 13-yard gain to the 31.

Gibson gets away from some tacklers on the next play, this time on the ground, on his way to an 11-yard pickup.

Isaiah Wright hauls in a 6-yard pass on first down to the Washington 49. Smith's second-down throw is complete to Cam Sims for a gain of 11.

It's first-and-10 at the Detroit 40.

Smith throws a 1-yard pass to Steve Sims on first down. Justin Coleman (knee) has returned from injury and pushes the receiver out of bounds. A neutral-zone infraction on the Lions brings up second-and-4.

Terry McLaurin gets wide-open on a quick slant route that nets 20 yards and gives Washington a first down at the 14 of Detroit.

Gibson rushes for 3 yards on first down. Smith's throw to the goal line is dropped by J.D. McKissic; probably could have been a touchdown, but alas. It's third-and-7: Smith has nowhere to go and is sacked by Romeo Okwara and Reggie Ragland for a loss of 1.

Washington lines up to go for it on fourth-and-8, then takes a false-start penalty.  Smith's throw is caught by Logan Thomas at the 2-yard-line, where it'll be first-and-goal.

J.D. McKissic scores from 2 yards out on the next play.

Lions 24, Washington 10 (2:30 3rd)

Lions running back Adrian Peterson (28) is stopped by Washington Football Team safeties Deshazor Everett (22) and Kamren Curl (31) during the first half Sunday.

Lions take 24-3 lead to open second half

Detroit will take over at its own 25 to start the third quarter.

Injury update: Lions CB Justin Coleman (knee) is questionable to return. 

D'Andre Swift gets the first carry of the half, a gain of 3. Matthew Stafford gets the ball to Danny Amendola on second down for a gain of 8 to move the chains.

Taylor Decker is flagged for holding on the next play, bringing up first-and-20 at the 26.

Swift is stopped for no gain on first down. The Lions execute a screen to perfection on second down, as Swift catches the pass and runs all the way to Washington's 48-yard-line for a gain of 26.

Injury alert: Washington S Deshazor Everett was hurt on the play and is being walked off by the training staff.

Swift carries it for 2 yards on first down. Jesse James hauls in a 4-yard reception on second down, bringing up third-and-4: Stafford fits a tight-window throw into the hands of T.J. Hockenson for a gain of 5 and a Lions first down at the Washington 37.

Marvin Jones gets open for Stafford on the next play and hauls in an 18-yard pass at the 19-yard-line, where it's now first-and-10.

Adrian Peterson rushes for 2 yards on first down. Peterson's second-down carry gets 2 more yards. Swift beats his man in coverage, catches a pass from Stafford, and heads to the end zone with a full head of steam before knocking into a defender on his way to a 15-yard score.

Lions 24, Washington 3 (7:58 3rd)

Halftime leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 10/16, 139 yds., 2 TD

WAS - Alex Smith: 16/21, 129 yds.


DET - D'Andre Swift: 8 att., 44 yds.

WAS - Terry McLaurin: 1 att., 27 yds.


DET - Marvin Hall: 2 rec., 61 yds., TD

WAS - J.D. McKissic: 6 rec., 38 yds.

Matt Prater gives Lions 17-3 lead before halftime

Detroit takes over at the 31 after the turnover. The Lions have all three timeouts and 1:14 on the clock as they look to extend a 14-3 lead.

Matthew Stafford finds Marvin Jones over the middle for a 19-yard gain on first down that gives Detroit the ball at midfield.

T.J. Hockenson then comes down with a pass and gets out of bounds at the Washington 42, a gain of 8. Marvin Hall catches a 6-yard pass on the next play.

Timeout #1 Detroit (0:43 2nd)

Stafford gets the ball out quickly to Danny Amendola, who laterals/hands the ball to Marvin Jones for a gain of 6. It's ruled that the pass was forward and therefore illegal, which turns the gain of 6 into a loss of 3.

Timeout #2 Detroit (0:38 2nd)

Jones hauls in a 4-yard pass and Hockenson drops a tough throw near the sideline.

Matt Prater sends home a 53-yard field goal.

Lions 17, Washington 3 (0:08 2nd)

Washington takes a knee to end the half. Detroit will get it to start the second half.

END 2ND: Lions 17, Washington 3

Lions force big turnover in own territory before halftime

Washington takes over at the 16. It trails 14-3 with 6:33 left in the first half.

Antonio Gibson is stopped on first down for a 1-yard gain. Alex Smith's second-down pass to Terry McLaurin is caught for a gain of 6. J.D. McKissic hauls in a throw just beyond the sticks on third down, a gain of 4.

McKissic rushes for a gain of 2 on first down. Now it's another former Lion getting involved, as Logan Thomas reels in a throw to the 39, a pickup of 10.

Injury alert: Lions DE Frank Herron was hurt on the play.

Smith throws complete on first down to Isaiah Wright for a gain of 6. McKissic goes down after hauling in a throw that's good for about 3.5 yards. It's third-and-very-short. McKissic moves the chains with a gain of 1. 

**Two-minute warning**

Smith throws complete to Cam Sims; he's stripped after making the catch, but Washington recovers at the Detroit 45, a gain of 6. McKissic picks up the first down and more with a 7-yard run to the 38.

Detroit is flagged for defensive holding on the next play, which gives Washington 5 yards and a free first down. It's first-and-10 at the Detroit 33.

Smith has another completion to Thomas, who's immediately stripped. This time the Lions recover, giving them the ball at their own 31.

The previous play is under review.

The play stands. First down, Detroit.

Lions 14, Washington 3 (1:14 2nd)

Lions go three-and-out with chance to take three-score lead

Detroit takes over at the 33 after Washington's missed field goal. The Lions lead 14-3 with 8:01 remaining in the half.

D'Andre Swift is brought down for no gain on first down, and is dropped behind the line for a loss of 1 on second down to bring up third-and-11. Matthew Stafford's throw to Marvin Hall is well-defended and falls incomplete.

Jack Fox's punt is fair caught at the Washington 16.

Lions 14, Washington 3 (6:33 2nd)

Washington gets great starting field position, misses field goal

Washington gets a great return of the kickoff from Danny Johnson, who's shoved out of bounds at the 50. Washington will take over with a 14-3 deficit and 11:47 left in the second quarter.

Detroit gets good penetration on first down and disrupts a screen to J.D. McKissic. A second-down throw to McKissic is caught for a gain of 7. Justin Coleman trips up Antonio Gibson for no gain after a quick pass to the rookie running back. 

Washington goes for it on fourth-and-3, and the gamble pays off: Cam Sims hauls in the throw from Alex Smith, getting to the Detroit 30 for a gain of 13.

Smith gets it to McKissic on the next play for a pickup of 8. Jeff Okudah brings down Gibson behind the line on second down for a loss of 2. Smith overthrows a shot to the end zone on third down, which will bring on the field-goal unit.

Dustin Hopkins' attempt from 43 is no good.

Lions 14, Washington 3 (8:01 2nd)

Lions take 14-3 lead on Stafford's second touchdown pass

Danny Amendola returned the Washington punt to Detroit's 47, where the Lions will look to extend their 7-3 lead with 14:02 left in the half.

Adrian Peterson gets his first carry of the game on first down, and he finds the edge for a 13-yard gain to the Washington 40.

Peterson catches a pass out of the backfield on the next play, this time getting to the 31, a gain of 9. Matthew Stafford hands to Peterson again for a gain of 5 and a new set of downs.

Stafford throws over the middle to a wide-open Quintez Cephus, who drops the easy first down. Stafford can't connect with T.J. Hockenson on second down, bringing up third-and-10.

Stafford takes the top off again, this time to Marvin Jones, for a 27-yard touchdown pass. The Lions lead by two scores.

Lions 14, Washington 3 (11:55 2nd)

Washington goes three-and-out from deep in own territory

Washington sets up at its own 7-yard-line. It trails 7-3 with 0:29 left in the first.

Alex Smith throws to J.D. McKissic in the flat for a gain of 2 on first down.

END 1ST: Lions 7, Washington 3

Antonio Gibson gets 3 more on second down. Jamie Collins gets in Smith's face on third down, forcing a throw that's short of the target and falls incomplete.

Lions 7, Washington 3 (14:02 2nd)

Lions punt in Washington territory while trying to extend lead

Dustin Hopkins' kick goes for a touchback. Detroit will start at the 25 with 3:25 left in the opening quarter as it looks to extend its 7-3 lead.

Matthew Stafford has Jesse James open on first down, but the throw is a touch too far. Stafford has his helmet knocked off while getting smoked by Jon Bostic, who was just ejected against the Cowboys a few weeks back for a head-to-head hit against Andy Dalton.

The personal foul penalty assessed to Bostic erases the sack and gives the Lions a first down at their own 40.

D'Andre Swift is stopped after a gain of 1 on first down, then hits the hole for a pickup of 9 on second down. Detroit has it first-and-10 at the 50.

Marvin Jones hauls in a throw near the sideline that's good for 4 yards on first down. Swift gets 2 yards up the middle on second down. Stafford is flushed while the pocket collapses and misses on an overhand flip to Jones. 

Jack Fox's punt is fair caught at the Washington 7.

Lions 7, Washington 3 (0:29 1st)

Washington gets on board with field goal, Lions lead 7-3

Danny Johnson returns the kickoff to the Washington 26. Alex Smith and Co. trail 7-0 with 7:06 to go in the first quarter.

Antonio Gibson rushes for 3 on first down. J.D. McKissic hauls in a throw over the middle and breaks a few tackles on his way to a 9-yard gain that nets a first down.

Peyton Barber gains 6 on a first-down carry to the 44 of Washington. Alex Smith's pass to Barber on second down is good for 5 yards and a new set of downs.

Terry McLaurin makes some men miss on the next play, getting to the Detroit 22 for a gain of 27 yards.

Gibson gets 2 on a first-down carry. Smith is flushed from the pocket and forced to throw it away on second down, bringing up third-and-8: The Lions do a good job of breaking up a screen to McKissic to force fourth down.

Dustin Hopkins puts through a field goal from 38. 

Lions 7, Washington 3 (3:25 1st)

Swift kickstarts drive as Lions take 7-0 lead on deep ball to Marvin Hall

Detroit takes over at the 8 after Washington's punt. The Lions look to break a scoreless tie with 9:04 left in the opening quarter.

D'Andre Swift rushes for 5 yards on first down. A 5-yard throw to Marvin Jones on second down moves the chains.

Swift gets to the left-side edge and goes out of bounds at the 29, a gain of 11.

Back to Swift, and he's got his A-game. Swift goes through the middle, hurdles a defender, and goes down at the Detroit 45 for a gain of 16 yards.

Marvin Hall makes his man fall down on a streak up the sideline and Matthew Stafford makes no mistake, as the Lions take a 7-0 lead on the 55-yard touchdown pass to Hall.

Lions 7, Washington 0 (7:12 1st)

Lions defense recovers, pushes Washington out of field-goal range on opening drive

Detroit has won the toss and elects to defer to the second half. Washington will start with it.

The kickoff goes for a touchback. It's first-and-10 at the 25.

Peyton Barber is stopped after a gain of 1 on first down. Alex Smith drops back and delivers a strike on second down to Isaiah Wright for a pickup of 22 to the Washington 48.

Smith moves Washington into Detroit territory with a 5-yard scramble on the next play. Antonio Gibson on second down rushes for 4, bringing up third-and-1 at the 43: Gibson moves the chains with a 3-yard run up the middle.

Terry McLaurin beats Desmond Trufant in coverage and picks up 19 on a soft toss into the open field.

Gibson carries a few tacklers into the red zone on a 7-yard run that sets up second down at the 14. Washington runs some trickery, which goes poorly, and ends with former Lion J.D. McKissic taking a 10-yard loss. 

Romeo Okwara sacks Smith on third down, which will push Washington out of field-goal range. What a stand for this Lions defense.

Lions 0, Washington 0 (9:04 1st)

Washington Football Team at Lions

Kickoff: 1 p.m. Sunday, Ford Field, Detroit 

TV/radio: Fox/760

Records: Washington are 2-6; Detroit is 3-5

Line: Off