Fans react on Instagram: 'It's about time' Lions cleaned house; 'They're jinxed'

Detroit News

Reaction was swift and overwhelming in favor of the Lions firing general manager Bob Quinn and coach Matt Patricia on The Detroit News' Instagram account.

Here's a sampling of what was said.

►"Doesn't matter who coaches. Until the Ford family sells the team, they're jinxed." (jcintc)

Lions fans dress as head coach Matt Patricia and his No. 2 pencil cheer on the team in the first half against the New York Giants at Ford Field on Oct. 27, 2019.

►"Jim Caldwell got the shaft. He never should have been fired in the first place. Players loved him and he was successful." (holowickikevin)

►"Now Stafford. Hopefully, he's next." (barbervik)

►"Best news I've heard in long time. This is long overdue. Good decision, Sheila Ford." (uclefrank313)

►"Harbaugh next?" (pdxlinder)

►"What about Ford announcing they are selling the franchise?" (iamgmartini)

►"At least one thing has worked out for 2020." (sneekbear)

►"As long as the Fords own this team, it will never be a decent team. I'm not even saying a great team. Just one that can compete. Christmas comes early for Lions fans." (ccmja)

►"About time. Patriots system will never work outside of Foxboro." (beschuyler)

►"Hallelujah." (sonofpatricia1980)

►"How about relieving the Fords of their duties? Sell the Lions to someone who knows something about running a pro football organization." (drreid1958)

►"Lions, MSU, UM. These teams have made us the laughingstock of the football world. You can't tell me with a population of 300 million we can't find three quality coaches." (mr190jb)

►"It's about time." (micm01)

►"Sell the team." (tchila63)

►"Terrible coach and GM. Check. No o-line. No d-line. No secondary. No running back. Terrible offensive coordinator. #1 receiver always out. I could go on and on. Blame our only decent player? Hilarious." (matt.smolek)

►"Y'all think this will change anything? Been saying this for 30 years. As long as the Fords own the Lions, they will be mismanaged. Period." (president_elect_barney)

►"The outcry in this great sports town should be so unyielding that the Fords are forced to get rid of the team. It is absolutely horrific what this family has done to this historical sports community." (loader_535)

►"Another one bites the dust." (giech_lsdon_mitchell)

►"Bring back Jim Schwartz." (angefresh)

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