Recap: Lions eliminated from playoff contention in 46-25 loss to Titans

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News

The Detroit Lions will try to get their second win in their third game under interim coach Darrell Bevell when they take on the Tennessee Titans on Sunday at 1 p.m.

You can follow the action here with live updates throughout the game by Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.

Detroit Lions running back D'Andre Swift is tackled by the Tennessee Titans during the first half.

Game summary

The Tennessee Titans brought it early and often on Sunday, racking up 463 yards of offense in a 46-25 win that eliminated the Detroit Lions from playoff contention.

Final leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 22/32, 252 yds., TD

TEN - Ryan Tannehill: 21/27, 273 yds., 3 TD


DET - D'Andre Swift: 15 att., 67 yds., 2 TD

TEN - Derrick Henry: 24 att., 147 yds., TD


DET - Marvin Jones Jr.: 10 rec., 112 yds., TD

TEN - Corey Davis: 4 rec., 110 yds., TD

Daniel intercepted as Lions aim to move ball in losing effort

The Lions take over at their own 25, trailing by a lot with 2:07 to go.

Chase Daniel throws complete to Marvin Jones for 5 yards.

**Two-minute warning**

Jones picks up an 11-yard reception on the next play.

Daniel is picked on first-and-10 at the 36.

Titans 46, Lions 25 (1:32 4th)

Tennessee will run this out in victory formation.

FINAL: Titans 46, Lions 25 

Titans take 46-25 lead with 2:07 to go 

The Lions cannot recover the onside kick, meaning that Tennessee will set up shop at the Detroit 45.

Derrick Henry rushes for 3 on first and second down, each. A 12-yard completion to A.J. Brown keeps the drive moving.

Darrynton Evans rushes for 4.

Timeout #1 Detroit (3:57 4th)

Evans gets 8, then you 9, as the Titans have it second-and-1 at the Detroit 6.

Timeout #2 Detroit (3:05 4th)

Henry rushes for 4 yards, bringing up first-and-goal at the 2.

Evans is wrapped up for a loss of 1.

Timeout #3 Detroit (2:15 4th)

Evans catches a touchdown pass on the next play.

Titans 46, Lions 25 (2:07 4th)

Daniel takes over for Stafford, leads Lions to touchdown score

Chase Daniel is in for Matthew Stafford, who took a couple big hits on the last drive.

Detroit takes over at the 40 after a nice return by Jamal Agnew. 

D'Andre Swift rushes for 4 yards on first down, as Daniel hits Danny Amendola for a pickup of 7 on second down.

Daniel scrambles for 11 on the next play, setting up first-and-10 at the Tennessee 38, then drops a dime to Marvin Jones, a pickup of 21 to the Tennessee 17. Nice drive so far by Daniel.

Daniel then gets the ball to Jesse James, who runs all the way to the Titans 6 for a gain of 11.

Swift gets into the end zone with a nasty cut, making it a two-score game.

Titans 39, Lions 25 (6:23 4th)

Titans put final dagger in Lions 

Tennessee takes over at the 34, leading 32-18 with 12:02 to go in the game.

Ryan Tannehill throw to Jonnu Smith for 7 on first down. A false-start makes it second-and-8, but Darrynton Evans hauls in a 24-yard pass to the Detroit 5 on the next play, anyway.

Evans gets to the 1 with a 4-yard run, and is then dropped for a loss of 1. A.J. Brown puts the game away with a 2-yard touchdown reception.

Titans 39, Lions 18 (9:00 4th)

Lions fail fake punt, turn ball over on downs

Detroit takes over at the 25, trailing 32-18 with 14:30 to go in the game.

Matthew Stafford's first-down pass is caught for a gain of 2, but he's sacked on the next play after a bad snap leads to a loss of 7. Amendola hauls in an 11-yard reception on third-and-15 as Stafford takes another hit. 

The Lions run a fake punt, as C.J. Moore takes the direct snap and heads for the marker. He's ruled to have not made the first-down marker, but video evidence says otherwise. We'll see if they review it during commercial break, but for right now, it's a turnover on downs.

They do not review it. Turnover on downs.

Titans 32, Lions 18 (12:02 4th)

Titans take 32-18 lead early in fourth

Tennessee takes over at the 17, leading 24-18 with 4:03 to go in the third.

Derrick Henry gets wrapped up for a loss of 2 on first down. Ryan Tannehill is flushed from the pocket on second down, picking up 1. Tannehill finds a wide-open man over the middle on third down for a pickup of 20 yards.

Henry rushes for 5 yards, and Tannehill follows that up with a 14-yard completion to the Detroit 45.

Henry picks up 4 on the next play, then 5 on second down to bring up third-and-1.

END 3RD: Titans 24, Lions 18 

Henry finds the edge and gets all the way to the Detroit 3-yard-line for a gain of 33 yards.

Tannehill runs it in on the next play. A two-point conversion attempt is good.

Titans 32, Lions 18 (14:30 4th)

Lions pick up field goal, cut deficit to 24-18

Detroit takes over at the 7 after an excellent punt by the Titans.

D'Andre Swift puts his head down and hits the hole for a pickup of 10.

Matthew Stafford finds Quintez Cephus in the turkey hole for a gorgeous 36-yard pitch and catch.

There's pass interference on the Titans during the next play, which'll bring up first-and-10 at the Tennessee 35. Stafford nearly drops in a throw to Hunter Bryant, but it hits off the helmet of a Titans defender. Swift drops the screen pass on second down.

Stafford. can't connect with Mohamed Sanu on third down, and out comes Matt Prater.

Prater hits the 53-yard field goal.

Titans 24, Lions 18 (4:09 3rd)

Lions defense gets stop after Hockenson's costly turnover

Tennessee takes over at the 20 after the turnover.

Derrick Henry rushes for 10 yards, then 5.

Tannehill throws incomplete on second-and-5 at the 40, then hits Jonnu Smith for a pickup of 5 yards to keep the drive alive.

Henry rushes for a yard, then loses a yard to bring up third-and-10.

Injury alert: Lions LB Jamie Collins was injured on the play.

Tannehill's pass is overthrown and nearly picked off.

Injury alert: Lions S Tracy Walker was hurt on the play.

Titans 24, Lions 15 (6:13 3rd)

Lions turn ball over in red zone on opening drive of second half

Detroit takes over at the 25, trailing 24-15 to start the second half.

Mohamed Sanu gets open on first down for a 12-yard pickup.

D'Andre Swift rushes for 7 to bring up second-and-3 at the 44. Matthew Stafford's throw to Marvin Jones falls incomplete, and there's a false-start penalty on third down. It's then turned to third-and-13 after a delay-of-game penalty. Stafford hits Sanu for a 14-yard pickup to keep the drive alive.

Quintez Cephus can't find a deep throw on first down, incomplete. Swift takes the second-down carry up the middle for a pickup of 11 to the Tennessee 41.

Adrian Peterson rushes for 3 on first down. Sanu makes a terrific catch on second down that's good for 7 yards to the 30.

Jamal Agnew picks up 8 more on the next play with a double-reverse, bringing up second-and-2 at the 22: Peterson is stopped for a yard. The handoff goes to T.J. Hockenson — yes, that T.J. Hockenson — and he gets across the sticks for a first down. 

Tennessee is challenging that Hockenson fumbled.

*** Play under review ***

The play is overturned. It's Tennessee ball at the 20.

Titans 25, Lions 14 (9:22 3rd)

First-half leaders


DET - Matthew Stafford: 16/21, 170 yds., TD

TEN - Ryan Tannehill: 11/14, 182 yds., TD


DET - D'Andre Swift: 10 att., 29 yds., TD

TEN - Derrick Henry: 14 att., 80 yds., TD


DET - Marvin Jones Jr.: 7 rec., 75 yds., TD

TEN - Corey Davis: 3 rec., 96 yds., TD

Titans extend lead to 24-15 on final play of first half

Tennessee takes over at its own 28 with 0:57 to go in the half and two timeouts.

Derrick Henry rushes for 8 yards on first down. Ryan Tannehill then hits A.J. Brown for 14 yards to the 50.

Tannehill's next two passes go incomplete, which brings up third-and-10. Corey Davis gets open and hauls in a 14-yard completion.

Timeout #2 Tennessee (0:22 2nd)

The Titans make it first-and-15 with a false-start penalty, but make up for it on the very next play with a 16-yard throw to Jonnu Smith. He gets out of bounds with 14 seconds left.

A 5-yard completion will put Tennessee at the 20 for a field-goal try before the half.

Timeout #3 Tennessee (0:03 2nd)

Stephen Gostowski's 38-yard try is good, and the half has come to a close.

END 2ND: Titans 24, Lions 15 

Lions capitalize on safety, cut deficit to 21-15

The Lions will take over at the Detroit 45 after receiving the free kick to follow a safety.

Matthew Stafford moves Detroit into Titans territory with a 7-yard completion to T.J. Hockenson on first down. D'Andre Swift is stopped for 1 yard on second down.

**Two-minute warning**

Stafford moves the chains with a 6-yard completion to Marvin Jones. The Lions have all three timeouts, so time isn't much of a factor as they set up for first-and-10 at the Tennessee 41.

And it's especially not a factor after the next play, as Stafford winds up to hit Marvin Jones for a 39-yard gain to the Tennessee 2-yard-line.

Swift gets the handoff and runs it in for a Lions touchdown. 

Titans 21, Lions 15 (1:02 2nd)

Swift turns ball over at Titans 1, Lions get safety on next play

Detroit takes over at the 25, trailing 21-7 with 9:22 to go in the second quarter.

D'Andre Swift hauls in a 2-yard pass, then makes it third-and-3 after a 5-yard run on second down. Swift's 5-yard reception on third down keeps the drive alive.

Matthew Stafford puts some gorgeous touch on a throw to rookie tight end Hunter Bryant, which is good for 44 yards and a new set of downs at the Tennessee 19.

Swift rushes for 2 on first down, setting up a 12-yard run by Stafford to bring up first-and-goal at the 5.

Stafford overthrows a fade to Quintez Cephus on first down. Swift is stopped inches short of the goal line on second down, bringing up third-and-goal at the half-yard line.

Swift tries to go up and over for the touchdown, but is robbed of the football by Will Compton and the Titans D-line. Tennessee takes over inside the 5.

Titans 21, Lions 7 (4:12 2nd)

Romeo Okwara then obliterates Ryan Tannehill in the end zone on the first play of Tennessee's drive, and that'll be 2 points for a safety awarded to the Lions.

Titans 21, Lions 9 (3:31 2nd)

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry scores against the Detroit Lions during the first half.

Tannehill finishes drive with 17-yard touchdown run

Tennessee takes over at its own 7 after the Lions punt. The Titans lead 14-7 with 12:42 to go in the second quarter.

Derrick Henry rushes for 12 yards on first down, then picks up 8 more to set up second-and-2 at the 27.

A pass interference penalty makes it first-and-10 at the 50.

Henry rushes for 13 more, as this freight train is starting to run off the rails. 

Ryan Tannehill's deep pass on the next play is forced incomplete. Henry rushes for 6 to make it third-and-4. Corey Davis makes a tough, 7-yard catch on third down to keep the drive alive.

Henry nearly breaks the face of Alexander Myres, stiff-arming his way to a pickup of 7 to the 17. Tannehill fakes the give on a naked bootleg, turns on the jets, and dives for the pylon for a 17-yard touchdown run by the quarterback.

Titans 21, Lions 7 (9:28 2nd)

Lions drive halted on Tennessee's side of field

Detroit takes over at the 25, looking to tie Tennessee at 14 after the Titans scored on one play during the previous possession.

Matthew Stafford hits Marvin Jones for a 7-yard gain on first down. T.J. Hockenson nearly pulls down a really tough catch on second down, but the pass is defended well and ultimately forced incomplete. Mohamed Sanu picks up the new set of downs with a 4-yard completion, bringing the first quarter to a close.

END 1ST: Titans 14, Lions 7 

Stafford swings it out to D'Andre Swift on first down for a pickup of 8, and Swift picks up the new set of downs with a gain of 3 on the next play.

Swift runs for 4 on first down as Stafford's next two passes fall incomplete, bringing up fourth-and-6 at the Tennessee 43.

Jack Fox's punt is fair caught near the Tennessee 5.

Titans 14, Lions 7 (12:42 2nd)

Titans regain lead on first play of drive

Tennessee again takes over at the 25. This time they're tied with the Lions at 7 with 1:34 to go in the first quarter.

Corey Davis burns the coverage and Ryan Tannehill finds him for a 75-yard touchdown pass.

Titans 14, Lions 7 (1:22 1st) 

Stafford, Jones clicking as Lions tie Titans at 7

Detroit takes over at the 325. Matthew Stafford's ribs appear to be OK, as he will lead the boys on the field.

Stafford swings it over to D'Andre Swift for no gain on first down. Marvin Jones hauls in a 6-yard catch on second down, then gets 4 on a third-down reception.

Swift rushes for 7 yards on first down as Stafford moves the chains with a 13-yard throw to Jamal Agnew.

Swift rushes for 3 before an incompletion to Jones. T.J. Hockenson makes a big catch on third down that's good for 11 yards and a new first down at the Tennessee 31.

Jones gets open on the next play for a 12-yard reception.

Adrian Peterson rushes for 7 on his first carry of the game. Peterson gives the Lions a new set of downs at the 4-yard-line with an 8-yard carry on the next play.

It's third-and-goal at the 2 after Peterson rushes for 3, then loses 1. Jones gets open in the end zone and Stafford finds him for a 2-yard touchdown pass. 

Lions 7, Titans 7 (1:34 1st)

Titans offense steamrolls Lions, grabs early 7-0 lead

The Titans start the game at their own 25.

Derrick Henry rushes for 2 yards and then catches a pass for 6. A.J. Bornw pulls in a 6-yard reception to move the chains.

Henry gets wrapped up for a loss of 4 on first down. Jonnu Smith goes up for a big pass from Ryan Tannehill that's good for 19 yards to the Detroit 46.

Henry carries for 4 to make it second-and-6, as Tannehill hits brown again for a gain of 10 to the 32. 

Henry rushes for 5 more as MyCole Pruitt moves the chains again with a 10-yard completion.

Henry rushes for gains of 9, 5 and 3, with the last one getting him into the end zone for a Titans touchdown.

Titans 7, Lions 0 (8:40 1st)

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford watches during warm ups before the game against the Tennessee Titans.

Lions at Titans

Kickoff: 1 p.m., Sunday, Nissan Stadium, Nashville, Tenn.

TV/radio: CBS/760 AM

Records: Lions 5-8; Titans 9-4

Line: Titans by 11

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