Recap: Lions crushed on both sides of ball, fall to Bengals 34-11

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News

The Detroit Lions came into Sunday's game the NFL's last winless team, and they played as if they intended to keep it that way.

The offense failed to reach the end zone until the Cincinnati Bengals basically gave them one at the end of the game by refusing to cover receivers underneath, and Joe Burrow through for 271 yards and three touchdowns as the Bengals rolled to a 34-11 win at Ford Field.

Head coach Dan Campbell and the Lions are seeking their first victory of the season Sunday as they take on the Bengals at Ford Field.

Second half

Lions get first touchdown of game with 2:15 left

The Lions take over at the 25 and get to the Bengals 48 in five plays.

The Bengals are giving Detroit pretty much anything it wants underneath, and the Lions are moving the ball quickly.

D'Andre Swift eventually punches it in from a yard out to give the Lions their first touchdown.

They convert the two-point attempt.

Bengals 34, Lions 11 (2:15 4th)

The Bengals recover the onside kick and run out the clock.

FINAL: Bengals 34, Lions 11

Bengals add another touchdown to massive fourth-quarter lead

The Lions fail to recover an onside kick. Brandon Allen has taken over at quarterback for the Bengals, as they'll start from their own 44.

On third-and-4, A.J. Parker is flagged for pass interference. First-and-10 at the 17.

On third-and-11, Amani Oruwariye is flagged for pass interference. First-and-10 at the 6.

Auden Tate catches a 7-yard touchdown pass to give the Bengals a 31-point lead.

Bengals 34, Lions 3 (5:16 4th)

Lions get field goal to avoid shutout 

The Lions will take over at their own 25. 

Jared Goff hits Amon-Ra St. Brown for a gain of 9 yards, and T.J. Hockenson hauls in a pass for 5.

D'Andre Swift rushes for 9 and St. Brown hauls in a 3-yard pass to keep the chains moving.

Tom Kennedy gets Detroit to the Cincinnati 29 with a 15-yard reception.

Amon-Ra St. Brown catches 2 passes for 11 yards to move the chains again. After a 3-yard gain and 2-yard loss, it's third-and-9 at the 17.

Timeout #2 Cincinnati (8:47 4th)

The third-down pass goes off Swift's hands, incomplete.

Austin Seibert makes the 35-yard  field goal to get the Lions on the board.

Bengals 27, Lions 3 (8:36 4th)

Bengals extend lead to 27-0 in fourth

The Bengals take over at the 5, leading 20-0 with 2:30 left in the third quarter.

Joe Mixon rushes for 4, and Chris Evans hauls in an 11-yard pass to move the chains. 

Joe Burrow hits Ja'Marr Chase for a 53-yard completion to end the third quarter.

END 3RD: Bengals 20, Lions 0

Mixon picks up 18 yards on the next play, setting up first-and-goal at the 4.

Austin Bryant gets into the backfield and sacks Burrow for a loss of 12 on the next play. Evans catches a pass over the middle and gets to the 3-yard-line.

C.J. Uzomah catches a touchdown pass to put the Bengals up big. 

Bengals 27, Lions 0 (12:38 4th)

Lions get first down, promptly punt from near midfield

The Lions take over at their own 21, and naturally, take a false start penalty before snapping the ball. It's first-and-15.

Jared Goff winds up and goes deep to T.J. Hockenson, hitting the diving tight end for a 33-yard gain to the 49.

KhaDarel Hodge hauls in a pass for 2 yards, and the second-down throw is too hot for Jamaal Williams to handle. It's third-and-8. Goff is hit after throwing a ball that's out of the reach of Amon-Ra St. Brown.

The Lions take a delay-of-game penalty before the punt

Jack Fox's punt is fair caught at the 5.

Bengals 20, Lions 0 (2:30 3rd) 

Bengals add field goal to take 20-0 lead

The Bengals take over at their own 20, leading 17-0.

Tee Higgins gets open underneath for a 7-yard gain, and Joe Mixon gains 7 more to bring up first-and-10 at the 34.

Mixon carries for 6, then 3, to set up third-and-1.

Timeout #1 Cincinnati (6:37 3rd)

Mixon moves the sticks with a 4-yard gain. Chris Evans rushes for 6, and Joe Burrow hits Higgins for a pickup of 23 to the Detroit 24.

Mixon gets 2 on first down and Lions rookie linebacker Derrick Barnes makes a great play to break up a second-down pass to Drew Sample. Burrow's pass to Boyd falls incomplete, bringing out the field goal team.

The 40-yard attempt from Evan McPherson is good.

Bengals 20, Lions 0 (3:38 4th)

Lions go up-tempo, punt after three plays

The Lions will take over at their own 31 after a return by Tom Kennedy, looking to get some points on the board with this game slowly slipping away.

T.J. Hockenson hauls in a 5-yard pass, then a 4-yard pass. D'Andre Swift is stopped short of the sticks on third down. As the Lions line up to go for it, Lions center Evan Brown is flagged for a false start. Tough.

Jack Fox's punt lands in the end zone for a touchback.

Bengals 17, Lions 0 (9:13 3rd)

Bengals score on fourth-and-2 to take three-score lead

The Bengals take over at the 25 to start the second half. They lead, 10-0.

Joe Mixon slices and dices his way to a 14-yard carry to open the drive.

Mixon gets it again for 4 yards, and Chris Evans rushes for 3. It's third-and-3. Joe Burrow masterfully avoids a sack on first down and takes off for a 5-yard gain to the 49 that moves the chains.

C.J. Uzomah hauls in an 8-yard catch on first down. Alim McNeil penetrates the line and forces Burrow into an errant throw that falls incomplete. Mixon only gets a yard on third down, and the Bengals will go for it on fourth-and-2. 

The Bengals fool the Lions defense and Mixon gets open in the flat with just one man between him and the end zone, and he gets all the way in for a Bengals score.

Bengals 17, Lions 0 (10:49 3rd)

First half

First half leaders


DET - Jared Goff: 9/15, 38 yds., INT

CIN - 11/18, 113 yds., TD, INT


DET - Jamaal Williams: 4 atts., 11 yds.

CIN - Joe Mixon: 8 atts., 31 yds.


DET - Kalif Raymond: 4 recs., 20 yds.

CIN - Ja'Marr Chase: 3 recs., 44 yds.

Bengals add field goal to close half

Cincinnati takes over at its own 25 with 3:04 left in the half, leading 7-0.

After a 6-yard gain on first down, Joe Mixon catches a pass in the flat, gets rocked by Jerry Jacobs, fumbles, and then recovers for a loss of 1. It's third-and-3.

Two-minute warning

Burrow overthrows on third down.

Kalif Raymond returns the punt to Detroit's 28.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (1:47 2nd)

The Lions then go three-and-out with one 5-yard loss by Swift and a sack on Goff.

Jack Fox's punt is returned to the Cincinnati 24.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (1:21 2nd)

The Bengals take over at their own 24, leading by 7, with 1:21 to go in the half and two timeouts left.

Burrow his Tyler Boyd for a gain of 7, then completes a third-down pass of 9 yards to Mixon to move the sticks.

It's first-and-10 at the 40.

Burrow misses to Tee Higgins and Tracy Walker almost intercepts the next throw, to Ja'Marr Chase. Chase comes down with a pretty terrific throw from Burrow down the sideline for a gain of 34 yards, and Cincinnati is threatening. First-and-10 at the Detroit 26.

Burrow scrambles for 6 yards.

Timeout #2 Cincinnati (0:11 2nd)

The Bengals kick a field goal to close the half and take a 10-point lead.

END 2ND: Bengals 10, Lions 0

Lions convert on fourth down, punt three plays later

Detroit takes over at its own 13 after a penalty on the punt return. The Lions trail by 7 with 9:13 to go in the half.

Jared Goff hits a 6-yard pass to Kalif Raymond, then completes another to him for 5 on the next play to move the chains.

D'Andre Swift rushes for 3, then 1, as Goff's third-down pass to Kalif Raymond isn't enough to move the chains. It's fourth-and-inches.

Timeout #1 Detroit (5:14 2nd)

Williams rushes for a first down, a bold move that doesn't garner much further success.

The Lions punt three plays later.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (3:04 2nd)

Lions defense rounding into form as first half rolls on

The Bengals take over at their own 39 after the turnover on downs.

Joe Mixon rushes for 4, catches a pass for 4. Julian Okwara comes off the edge untouched and destroys Burrow for a loss of 10 on third down.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (9:13 2nd)

Lions turn ball over on downs in Bengals territory

The Lions take over at their own 28, trailing 7-0, early in the second quarter.

After a 3-yard run from D'Andre Swift, Jared Goff hits T.J. Hockenson for 10 yards on first down.

Swift then rushes for 8, Jamaal Williams gets 1 and 6 to move the chains again, into Bengals territory at the 44.

Goff hits Kalif Raymond on first down for a gain of 4. Swift rushes for 2, and Goff overthrows Hockenson on third down. Detroit's going for it on fourth-and-4: Goff had Swift wide open on the right side of the field, but instead scrambles left and throws the ball away.

Turnover on downs.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (10:42 2nd)

Lions get stop after teams trade turnovers

The Lions take over at the Cincinnati 38.

Jared Goff is sacked for a loss of 10 on first down. Amon-Ra St. Brown catches a pass over the middle on second down, makes the line-to-gain, but is stripped at the end. He's ruled down, but the Bengals will challenge.

Play under review.

And the call is overturned. Bengals ball at the 23.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (1:34 1st)

Joe Mixon is brought down for a gain of 2. Derrick Barnes absolutely crushes Ja'Marr Chase after hauling in a catch for 1 yard. The Bengals convert on third-and-7, but it's called back for holding. It'll be third-and-17.

The third-down pass is stopped for 9, and the Bengals will punt when we start the second quarter.

END 1ST: Bengals 7, Lions 0 

Lions' Oruwariye picks off Burrow in Bengals territory

The Bengals take over at their own 21, leading 7-0 with 6:22 to go in the first quarter.

Joe Mixon hauls in a first-down pass for 5 yards, then rushes for 2. Burrow, with nowhere to throw, rolls right and cuts up the sideline, diving for the line-to-gain successfully to move the chains.

Injury alert: Lions DE Nick Williams was hurt on the play. He appears to be OK and walks off under his own power.

First-and-10 at the 33.

Mixon is wrapped up for no gain. A holding penalty overturns a big completion to Tee Higgins on the next play. Then a false start makes it second-and-25. Burrow hits C.J. Uzomah for a gain of 5, bringing up third-and-20.

Amani Orwuraiye picks off Burrow's third-down throw, and the Lions will take over at the 38 after a dead-ball foul for taunting on Tracy Walker.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (2:21 1st)

Lions offense stuck in mud after going 3-and-out again

The Lions take over at their own 21-yard-line with 8:21 to go in the opening frame, trailing the Bengals 7-0.

D'Andre Swift is stuffed for no gain, and T.J. Hockenson catches a second-down pass for no gain. Hockenson can only get 6 on the third-down reception over the middle.

Jack Fox's punt is downed at the Cincinnati 23.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (6:22 1st)

Bengals march down field to take 7-0 lead

The Bengals take over at their own 39, their first offensive series. A little under 13 minutes to go in the opening quarter.

Joe Burrow is pressured and falls forward for a gain of 1 with the pocket collapsing, and Joe Mixon is dropped for no yardage on second down. Tee Higgins gets open in the secondary and hauls in a 14-yard throw that moves the Bengals into Lions territory at the 46.

Mixon's first-down carry goes for 8, and his second-down carry is to the left-side edge for a gain of 9 to the 29 of Detroit.

Burrow throws to Ja'Marr Chase on first down; the throw is high and almost picked, but falls incomplete. Burrow gets 5 on a second-down scramble.

Chris Evans beats Jalen Reeves-Maybin on a wheel route and Burrow hits him going into the end zone for a Bengals touchdown.

Bengals 7, Lions 0 (8:26 1st)

Lions offense takes two penalties, goes 3-and-out on opening drive

The Lions will take over for their first series of the game at their own 23. Detroit has started with the ball in five of its six games so far.

Jamaal Williams takes a first-down pitch for 3 yards. T.J. Hockenson hauls in a play-action screen that goes for a first down, but the Lions are flagged for illegal formation. Then Penei Sewell is flagged for a false start. 

It's second-and-17. 

D'Andre Swift rushes for 1 yard. Jared Goff's third-down pass misses Swift and falls incomplete.

Jack Fox's punt is fielded for no gain to the 39.

Lions 0, Bengals 0 (12:46 1st)

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Bengals at Lions

Kickoff: 1 p.m. Sunday, Ford Field, Detroit

TV/radio: Fox/97.1

Records: Bengals 3-2; Lions 0-5

Line: Bengals by 3.5