Recap: Lions beat Vikings, 29-27, on walkoff TD as time expires

Nolan Bianchi
The Detroit News


The Detroit Lions got their first win of the season on Sunday at Ford Field, capping off an excellent weekend of Detroit and Michigan sports with an 11-yard touchdown pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown as time expired to lift the Lions over the Minnesota Vikings, 29-27.

Vikings running back Alexander Mattison.

Lions beat Vikings on final play following long drive

The Lions take over at their own 25, trailing 27-23 with 1:50 to go in the game and no timeouts.

Two completions give the Lions a first down at the 36, where Jared Goff spikes it to stop the clock.

A second-down incompletion brings up third-and-10, where Godwin Igwebuike gets the ball to the 48 of Detroit, then gets out of bounds for a first down.

Then two more completions make it first-and-10 at the Minnesota 33. 44 seconds left.

After another first down, Detroit takes a delay of game. They pick up a first down at the 19, spike it, and have 12 seconds left. Another completion gets Detroit to the 11.

Timeout #1 Minnesota (0:08 4th)

Goff misfires on third down.

Timeout #2 Minnesota (0:04 4th)

One last play from the 11, here we go. Goff has a man in the backfield, hits St. Brown, and the Lions win the football game. There's no time on the clock!

FINAL: Lions 29, Vikings 27

Lions turn ball over in own territory, give up lead with 1:50 left

The Lions take over at their own 19, leading 23-21 with 5:32 left in the game.

The Lions can't make the line-to-gain on a third-and-1 situation, and will apparently look to go for it on fourth-and-inches at their own 28.

Timeout #2 Detroit (4:08 4th)

The Lions for some reason try to throw it, and that results in Goff getting strip-sacked for a loss of 8. The Vikings will get it at the 19.

Lions 23, Vikings 21 (4:01 4th)

Alexander Mattison rushes for 4, Justin Jefferson gets 4, and it's third-and-2. Huge play.

Mattison is stuffed, they bring out the chains, and he got just enough. It's first-and-goal at the 9.

Mattison scampers to the 4 on first down.

Two-minute warning.

Mattison is stuffed for a gain of 1 on second down, and that'll make it third-and-goal at the 3.

Timeout #3 Detroit (1:54 4th)

Touchdown, Justin Jefferson. The Vikings take the lead.

The Vikings line up for a 2-point attempt, and it fails. They lead by 4.

Vikings 27, Lions 23 (1:50 4th)

Lions overcome INT, stop Vikings in 4Q

The Lions take over at their own 25 with a 2-point lead and just under 12 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

Jamaal Williams rushes for 9 on first down, then moves the chains with another run. Amon-Ra St. Brown hauls in a 12-yard pass on second down to give the Lions first-and-10 at the Minnesota 44-yard-line.

A 6-yard run and second-down incompletion brings up third-and-4. Jared Goff throws into coverage on third down, and his pass is picked off.

The Vikings will take over at its own 31.

Lions 23, Vikings 21 (8:34 4th)

The Lions immediately give up a first down, but benefit from a holding penalty and a false start that forces the Vikings into third-and-22. The third-down pass goes for 11, and the Vikings will punt.

Lions 23, Vikings 21 (5:32 4th)

Vikings cut Lions lead to 23-21 in 4Q

The Vikings will take over at their own 25, trailing 23-15 with 1:56 left in the third quarter.

A false start backs the Vikings up on second down, where the run by Alexander Mattison goes for no gain, bringing up third-and-11 after a 4-yard completion.

END 3RD: Lions 23, Vikings 15

K.J. Osborn hauls in a 21-yard pass on third down to keep the drive alive and give Minnesota first-and-10 at the 39 of Detroit. A 14-yard gain on the next play gets Minnesota to the 25.

The Lions stop Mattison for no gain on first down.

Timeout #1 Detroit (13:26 4th)

The timeout apparently didn't help Detroit, because Mattison scampers for a 16-yard reception that gives Minnesota first-and-goal at the 8.

Alex Anzalone swats away a pass from the 5 on second down, bringing up third-and-goal. Osborn hauls in a diving pass in the end zone, and the Vikings will get an extra yard on the 2-point attempt because Charles Harris is flagged for roughing the passer.

Mattison is stuffed short of the goal line on the 2-point attempt, and the Lions maintain their lead.

Lions 23, Vikings 21 (11:57 4th)

Lions extend lead to 23-15 near end of 3Q

The Lions take over at their own 25, looking to scrape together some momentum after what's been a pretty terrible start to the third quarter.

An 8-yard reception and 2-yard run moves the chains, and the Lions have their first first down of the half. Jamaal Williams rips off 11 yards on his next run, bringing up first-and-10 at the Lions 46.

T.J. Hockenson draws a pass interference flag on Bashaud Breeland that gives the Lions first-and-10 at Minnesota's 36.

An incompletion and run for no gain brings up third-and-10: Williams picks up 5 on third down, and the Lions will try a 49-yard field goal.

Riley Patterson's 49-yard attempt is good, and the Lions have an 8-point lead.

Lions 23, Vikings 15 (1:56 3rd)

Lions go 3-and-out again, give up first TD 

The Lions take over at their own 25, leading 20-9 with 9:26 to go in the third quarter.

A loss by Jamaal Williams, second-down incompletion and third-down sack gets Detroit off the field pretty quickly. Jack Fox's punt is returned to the Minnesota 33.

Lions 20, Vikings 9 (7:49 3rd)

On the first play of the Vikings' drive, Kirk Cousins evades trouble, winds up, and lets go of a bomb that finds its way into the hands of Justin Jefferson for a gain of 48 yards to the Detroit 19.

But the Lions are able to force third-and-6 after a second-down incompletion. Tyler Conklin hangs onto the third-down throw for a gain of 7 to the 8-yard-line, where it'll be first-and-goal.

Alexander Mattison scores a play later, but the Vikings aren't able to convert the 2-point attempt. The Lions lead sits at 5.

Lions 20, Vikings 15 (6:13 3rd)

Vikings get stop, chip into deficit with 3rd FG

The Lions take over at their own 25, leading 20-6, to start the third quarter.

Godwin Igwebuike runs for 2 yards on second down to bring up third-and-8.

Injury alert: Vikings DL Dalvin Tomlinson was hurt on the play.

The third-down pass is just over the head of Igwebuike, incomplete.

Lions 20, Vikings 6 (14:13 2nd)

The Vikings will start at their own 28, and quickly rip off gains of 11 and 5 and 5 to make it first-and-10 at the 49.

Kirk Cousins then hits C.J. Ham for a pickup of 19 yards, and the Vikings have another first down at the Detroit 31.

Mattison runs it twice to make it first-and-10 at the 12. The Vikings take a holding penalty on first down, though, and that'll make it first-and-20.

Amani Oruwariye nearly has an easy interception, but he drops it. A second-down completion brings up third-and-11, where Tyler Conklin goes up for a throw in the end zone that's initially ruled a touchdown, but after review, he didn't get his other foot down.

The Vikings will be forced to try another field goal. Greg Joseph makes it from 31 yards out.

Lions 20, Vikings 9 (9:26 3rd)

Lions add to lead with stop, FG before halftime

The Vikings take over at their own 25 to start the drive, trailing 17-6 with 1:33 left in the half.

The Lions are able to force Kirk Cousins into a sack on fourth down, and they'll take over at their own 45 with a timeout left and 32 seconds on the clock.

Lions 17, Vikings 6 (0:32 2nd)

Jared Goff gets the ball to Amon-Ra St. Brown for 5, then fires deep to Kalif Raymond for a pickup of 24 yards to the Minnesota 25. 

Timeout #3 Detroit (0:19 2nd)

St. Brown gains 7 yards, then the Lions take a delay of game penalty. The Lions will try a field goal after a throw to the end zone winds up incomplete.

Riley Patterson makes the 41-yard field goal attempt.

Lions 20, Vikings 6 (0:06 2nd)

The Vikings take a knee to end the half.

END 2ND: Lions 20, Vikings 6

Lions add to lead after another Harris sack

The Vikings take over at their own 25, and immediately get a 14-yard gain from Alexander Mattison.

But after a 2-yard run by Mattison on the next play, Charles Harris comes up huge for the Lions again and sacks Kirk Cousins for a loss of 6. He's in the backfield again, hitting Cousins, as he lets go of a third-down pass that goes for 6 to end the drive.

Lions 14, Vikings 6 (7:06 2nd)

The Lions will take over at their own 10 to start the drive. A couple short gains get Detroit first-and-10 at the 20, where a neutral zone infraction and 6-yard run moves the chains again.

Jamaal Williams runs for 8, then 2 to move the chains.

Josh Reynolds then gets open for a 27-yard reception that puts Detroit at the Minnesota 27.

Two-minute warning.

Jared Goff picks up another first down with a 7-yard pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown, as Williams runs for 3 yards on the next play.

Timeout #1 Minnesota (1:48 2nd)

Goff's next two passes go incomplete, and the Lions will settle for a field goal.

Lions 17, Vikings 6 (1:33 2nd)

Lions get strip-sack, take lead as offense heats up

The Vikings' Kene Nwangwu gives Minnesota starting field position at the 48 with a 44-yard return.

Minnesota works it down to Detroit's 32-yard-line in just three plays, then run for no gain on first-and-10.

Timeout #1 Detroit (11:16 2nd)

Charles Harris strip-sacks Kirk Cousins, and it's scooped up by the Lions' Julian Okwara and returned to the 44 of the Lions, where it'll be first-and-10, Detroit.

Lions 7, Vikings 6 (11:08 2nd)

The Lions move downfield with a 5-yard run by Jamaal Williams, a 28-yard completion to Josh Reynolds, and a 23-yard touchdown pass to Brock Wright. This Lions offense is on fire, folks.

Lions 14, Vikings 6 (9:45 2nd)

Lions take 7-6 lead with Hockenson TD

The Lions take over at their own 31, and pick up a first down with a gain of 9 and gain of 8. 

It'll be first-and-10 at the 42 when we come back to start the second quarter.

END 1ST: Vikings 6, Lions 0

Jared Goff drops a dime to T.J. Hockenson, who is hit hard and draws an unncessary roughness penalty that puts Detroit at the 15 of Minnesota, first-and-10.

Goff finds Hockenson in the end zone just two plays later to give the Lions their first lead.

Lions 7, Vikings 6 (13:50 2nd)

Vikings add to lead with another FG

The Lions take over at their own 25, trailing 3-0 with 6:49 left in the first quarter.

They try to run it twice, and Jared Goff is obliterated from the blind side on third down for a loss of 8. Jack Fox's punt is returned to the Vikings 34.

Vikings 3, Lions 0 (5:10 1st)

Justin Jefferson takes the first-down pass for a gain of 34 yards to the Detroit 32. 

Alexander Mattison brings up third-and-1 with a 9-yard run on second down, and he fights his way through the line for a pickup of 2 that keeps the chains moving.

A completion to Tyler Conklin moves the Vikings to Detroit's 9-yard-line, where it'll be first-and-goal. 

Mattison is taken down for a loss of 4, and the second-down pass is incomplete. Third-and-goal from the 13 coming up: Kirk Cousins' pass is over the target and incomplete.

Greg Joseph puts home the 31-yard field goal attempt.

Vikings 6, Lions 0 (0:59 1st)

Vikings take lead with FG 

The Vikings take over at Detroit's 41-yard-line in a 0-0 game.

Kirk Cousins immediately hits Justin Jefferson for a gain of 18 to the 23-yard-line.

A short run and pass that loses yardage sets up third-and-8, where Jerry Jacobs blows up Dede Westbrook for another 2-yard loss.

Greg Joseph makes the 41-yard field goal.

Vikings 3, Lions 0 (6:49 1st)

Lions get quick stop, turn ball over on downs

The Lions have won the toss and elect to defer to the second half. The Vikings take over at their own 22.

The Vikings reach the 34 with a run by 7-yard run Kirk Cousins and a 5-yard run by Alexander Mattison. 

Injury alert: Lions DL Nick Williams was hurt on the play.

A 19-yard completion to Tyler Conklin gets Minnesota to the 47 of Detroit. Charles Harris absolutely smokes Charles Harris while letting go of a pass on second-and-9, and his third-down pass to Adam Thielen is caught for a loss of 1.

Injury alert: Vikings WR Adam Thielen was hurt on the play.

The ensuing punt goes for a touchback.

Lions 0, Vikings 0 (12:01 1st)

The Lions take over at their own 20, and quickly get to the 32 with a pair of runs by Jamaal Williams. After a first-down incompletion, T.J. Hockenson just drops the second-down throw that could have moved the chains.

Kalif Raymond's third-down catch isn't enough to move the chains, and the Lions are lining up to go for it on fourth-and-1 from their own 41: Jared Goff sneaks it on fourth down, and after the chain gang comes out to measure, they're about an inch short. 

Turnover on downs.

Lions 0, Vikings 0 (9:40 1st)


The Lions are back in action for the first time since their Thanksgiving Day stumble against the Chicago Bears.

Winless Detroit (0-10-1) will try to break through against another NFC North foe as the Minnesota Vikings (5-6) visit Ford Field on Sunday.

The Lions will be without their top offensive threat, running back D'Andre Swift, who is dealing with a shoulder injury. The Vikings will likely be without their top rusher, Dalvin Cook.

Can Detroit's Jared Goff or Minnesota's Kirk Cousins make things happen through the air?

Vikings at Lions

Kickoff: 1 p.m., Sunday, Ford Field, Detroit

TV/radio: CBS/97.1

Records: Lions 0-10-1, Vikings 5-6

Line: Minnesota by 7.5