Detroit – Ten days until the regular season begins and coach Mike Babcock still doesn't have a contract extension.

But with time ticking, Babcock remains unconcerned.

"This and analytics are on the same place on my list about things to talk about," Babcock said.

"This" is his contract situation. Babcock has said he won't discuss his contact once the regular season begins.

Babcock said he still hasn't talked with general manager Ken Holland about an extension and adds that he isn't worried about the lack of a new deal.

"I haven't spent a whole lot of time worrying about it," Babcock said. "It's (training camp) about getting the team ready. It's always a rush. We'll get through the exhibitions and get going.

"I'm going to do everything in my power to maximize the group, whether it's my last year or first year.

"It would make more of a difference to me if I was just starting in the business and concerned about feeding my family. But I'm not."

Babcock says he isn't worried because of his relationship with Holland.

"My relationship with the GM is such that the grass isn't greener on the other side, and I understand that totally," Babcock said. "I imagine it (the contract) will work out."

Helm update

Forward Darren Helm (broken nose) practiced Monday for the first time since breaking his nose Sept. 22 in Chicago.

Helm hopes to play Wednesday against Pittsburgh.

"It's encouraging that it's not something that won't keep me out," Helm said. "I can still play with an ugly face."

Helm broke a nose and had several stitches, but there was no damage to the eye when his stick was lifted and rammed into his face.

"I wasn't too happy it happened in the first exhibition game," said Helm.