Toronto — The Red Wings front office is firmly debunking a radio report out of Toronto saying the Ilitch family is interested in selling the Red Wings, Tigers and Little Caesars.

General manager Ken Holland said the report, by radio personality Bob McCown, is "absolutely not true."

"It's total (expletive)," Holland said. "Someone is making stuff up. It's totally not true."

McCown said on his Toronto radio show: "There are some issues — I'm hearing repeatedly that the Red Wings and the Tigers and Little Caesars are all for sale. The Ilitches are in the process of doing estate planning and have let it be known that somebody could buy the whole kit and kaboodle.

"If I know that, I'm quite sure (coach) Mike Babcock knows that. I can't speak to his relationship with the ownership, but maybe he sees a culture change, a seat change happening at a larger level in Detroit."

Babcock is in the last season of his contract and has been rumored to be headed to Toronto.