Ted Kulfan

Marian Hossa or Johan Franzen?

The Red Wings made their decision many years ago, choosing to re-sign Franzen and allowing Hossa to become a free agent and sign with the Chicago Blackhawks.

For far too many games against these teams, Hossa would be the better player that particular evening, scoring a goal, playing a good defensive game, being an impact player.

That wasn't necessarily the case Friday. Franzen scored a goal, his third in three games, was a little more of a presence, and the Red Wings wound up winning.

Hossa or Franzen? At least for one evening, Red Wings fans may actually favor having Franzen.

Gregg Krupa

Hard skating, quick Red Wings help make Blackhawks sloppy, in decisive victory at home after long layoff. Wings beating big teams, East and West, so far this season.

Chris McCosky

A four-day break between games afforded coach Mike Babcock with something the NHL schedule rarely allows – time for a couple of hard, full-contract practices. The Wings spent time Monday and Wednesday running a bunch of battle drills, trying to reestablish physicality in both the defensive and offensive zones, particularly in the tight areas behind the goals. Judging by the way the Wings took it to the Blackhawks Friday, particularly in the second period, the practice paid off. The Wings were fresher, faster and more physical. Their non-stop pressure forced turnovers that led to the first three goals, two of those were scored on rebounds. The Wings won most of the little battles and had the Blackhawks on their heels for most of the game. Impressive showing.