Quick Q&A with Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson

Ted Kulfan
The Detroit News

Quick Q&A with Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson:

Question: You guys obviously spend a lot of time watching movies on the road. What is one you really enjoy, or have enjoyed?

Ericsson: "I've had one for a while now, 'Man on Fire.' Denzel Washington is in it. It's about some kidnappings in Mexico. He's protecting Dakota Fanning. It was a real emotional movie. I liked it a lot."

Question: Have to ask you about the All-Star break this weekend. Going any place?

Ericsson: "Going into the sun. Somewhere warm."

Question: You like the outdoors. Do you prefer the summer or winter?

Ericsson: "I wouldn't want just one (season). I really like the summer, but I wish we'd have time to do stuff like ski, too. But I guess stuff like that, I'll have to wait until the career is over."

Question: Were you a skier when you were younger?

Ericsson: "Absolutely, when we were kids. But I can't say I did it as much as some of these other guys. We had one little hill by our house, there was a little cabin. It just wasn't the same thing (as a ski resort)."

Question: What is your pregame meal?

Ericsson: "Chicken with pasta and meat sauce, with some lettuce. We always have it on the road. Maybe a spinach salad with avocado and tomatoes, stuff like that."

Question: Favorite sport other than hockey?

Ericsson: "Tennis, no, wait, I'll say soccer. Soccer is the thing I really enjoy watching."

Question: You have to be happy nowadays with all the European soccer that's being shown on television.

Ericsson: "It's great. There are more and more games on television. NBC (Sports Network) has games on the weekend. A lot of them."

Question: Any television show you're into right now?

Ericsson: " 'Suits.' I love the characters, they really make the show."