Quick Q&A with Red Wings forward Joakim Andersson:

Question: You fulfilled one of your big sports dreams over the summer in going to England and seeing your favorite team (Arsenal) play, didn't you?

Andersson: "It was great. Very exciting. In England, they follow their soccer like Canadians do hockey, or something like that. Just walking outside of the stadium before the game, with all the people and the fans wearing the team's colors, it was pretty neat."

Question: Did you wear the jersey and the cap and just be a fan for the day?

Andersson: "Oh yeah. It was me, my dad, my two brothers, and a cousin. Yeah, we were the crew over there. We'll definitely do it again. It was so much fun. It's about 20 miles north of London by train and just the ride up there, the atmosphere was great."

Question: Is soccer your favorite sport next to hockey?

Andersson: "For sure. I played until I was 15, then I went to hockey school. But I love to play or watch whenever I can."

Question: What did you do for the (All-Star) break?

Andersson: "Went to some islands south of the Bahamas. There were about six of us that went down there. Awesome time, just awesome."

Question: What made it so nice?

Andersson: "The water was unbelievable. And I did some snorkeling."

Question: Have you ever tried snorkeling before?

Andersson: "No, my first time. I had seen pictures of it before and I wanted to try. And it was great. Just to see all the colors of the different fish down below, it was pretty neat.

"That's another thing I'm definitely going to do again."