The Red Wings have spent a lot of time on the road recently — and will be there for one more week.

But getting away to the West Coast certainly will be nice, considering the cold spell in Detroit.

Hockey players don't get to sight-see much during the season. It's usually hotels, rinks, and airports.

But for guys like goaltender Jimmy Howard, there is a chance to get a little taste of the city the team is visiting.

Q. OK, so you've seen all the NHL cities. What is your favorite city on the road?

A. Chicago.

Q. What do you like about it?

A. A lot of different things. The arena. The anthem before the game. The atmosphere when our team plays their team. It's just a good city too, good restaurants.

Q. One step further. Favorite city, or place, you've been to?

A. Maui.

Q. Considering the weather these days, I would think that choice is somewhat self-explanatory.

A. Yes.

Q. The NCAA hockey playoff season is about to begin. What's your favorite college memory (at Maine)?

A. There are a lot of them. I'd have to say it's playing in the national championship game (in 2004). We lost 1-0 (to Denver).

Q. What stands out about that game?

A. We hit crossbars, came close to scoring in the final minute (had a six-on-three advantage for more than a minute). We came so close to scoring.

Q. We've talked about this before. Growing up, starting out in hockey, did you ever play anything other than goaltender?

A. Not really. I mean, when we'd go play pond hockey, I'd always play out. I never was a goalie in those games. But other than that, never.

Q. But if you were to be anything other than a goaltender, would you be a forward or defenseman?

A. Oh, forward for sure.

Q. Did you have a monster shot?

A. Let's just say I knew my place (to be a goaltender).