Wings captain Zetterberg: 'I'm not 100 percent'

Ted Kulfan
The Detroit News

Los Angeles — Henrik Zetterberg isn't feeling any better.

Zetterberg was hit in the head Saturday by Dallas forward Jamie Benn, didn't play the third period of that game, and has now missed the last two games (including Tuesday's game in Los Angeles) with no return in sight.

"I feel like it hasn't changed since Saturday," said Zetterberg Tuesday as the Red Wings had an off-ice workout at Staples Center. "Hopefully I feel better soon. I thought I would be better, but unfortunately I'm not.

"I have some symptoms that I don't have when I'm 100 percent. Until those symptoms go away, I'm just going to take it easy."

General manager Ken Holland said Monday the Red Wings will not rush Zetterberg until he is free of any symptoms and feeling well enough to go on the ice.

Zetterberg and the Red Wings aren't calling the injury a concussion, although there appear to be some similarities.

Holland said Zetterberg had a headache Sunday, and Zetterberg wanted to avoid any light when doing Tuesday's interview.

Zetterberg didn't delve into what "symptoms" he has but playing right now is out of the question.

"Obviously, I'm not 100 percent and until the symptoms go away, I have to take it easy," said Zetterberg, who added he's never had a concussion before. "The symptoms have to go away before I can do any more heavy (training) stuff, and until then, I have to take it easy.

"I rode the bike a little bit (Monday). Hopefully I can do the same today."

Zetterberg and Benn were battling in front of the net in the second period when Benn let loose with blows to Zetterberg's head.

Zetterberg appeared woozy when he returned to the bench. He didn't miss a shift until not returning for the third period.

"When you're in the game, you're in the game and you're in battle all the time," Zetterberg said. "Once I went into the (locker) room, when I got away from the ice, I realized I wasn't the way I'm supposed to be and decided not to play anymore."

Zetterberg didn't place all the blame on Benn.

"We had a battle in the faceoff and both he and I had done worse things on the ice than that," Zetterberg said. "But he got me in a bad spot and it is what it is. I don't think it was that bad. He just got me in a bad spot."

The Red Wings already have one player dealing with a concussion, as Johan Franzen hasn't played since being hit Jan. 6 in Edmonton.

Franzen has made little progress and there is concern he may not return this season.

Zetterberg isn't worried about any long-term ramifications.

"Obviously guys have been roughed up worse than I have," Zetterberg said. "I'm not worried about that."