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Quick Q&A with Red Wings center Stephen Weiss

Ted Kulfan
The Detroit News

Stephen Weiss has had some memorable moments playing hockey.

And like most NHL players, the ones that are front and center in his mind are the ones he shared with childhood friends. He shared some of those memories recently.

Question: How about a favorite hockey memory growing up? Anything stand out, any tournament?

Weiss: "Well, there were a lot of tournaments, a lot of games. You know, there is something."

Question: What would that be?

Weiss: "Just the time playing with all my friends back then. It seemed we had the same group of guys every year from about, what, ages 5 to 12. Just the same team. And it was really, really special just being with those guys and spending time with them."

Question: That does sound great. Do you still see a lot of those guys?

Weiss: "For sure, in the summer. We've definitely kept in touch."

Question: Just curious. In the summer, if you keep in touch, do you still skate with any of them? Play any pick-up with them?

Weiss: "No, we just stay in touch."

Question: How about music. A favorite band, either growing up or now?

Weiss: "That's a tough one. I like a lot of music. I know, Oasis. That's a favorite of mine."

Question: Have you been to any of their shows?

Weiss: "Oh, for sure. A few of them. They're my favorite."

Question: We all have guilty pleasures in terms of food. What is your guilty pleasure?

Weiss: "Have to go with french fries and potato chips. I guess I have a thing for potatoes. But, yes, definitely french fries and chips."

Question: Any particular chip?

Weiss: "Almost anything, really. It doesn't matter. And, then with the fries, you gotta have to the fries with a burger."

Question: When you're eating those chips, is there a favorite television show?

Weiss: "The Sopranos."

Question: Are you one of those binge television watchers?

Weiss: "I'd say so. I've watched "The Sopranos" like four times already. One of the best shows ever."