Wings fall in second round in simulated playoffs

The Detroit News
The Ducks will win the Stanley Cup, EA Sports predicts.

The Red Wings defeated the Lightning 4-2 in the first round before losing to the Canadiens 4-1 in EA Sports' simulated 2015 NHL playoffs.

In the Stanley Cup Finals, the Ducks defeated the Rangers in seven games. Ryan Getzlaf won the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoffs MVP, with nine goals and 17 assists in 28 games.

The playoff results by EA Sports are extrapolated from its "NHL15" video game.


Eastern Conference

First round

Wings beat Lightning, 4-2

Canadiens beat Senators, 4-1

Rangers beat Penguins, 4-3

Islanders beat Capitals, 4-2

Second round

Canadiens beat Wings, 4-1

Rangers beat Islanders, 4-3

Conference finals

Rangers beat Canadiens, 4-3

Western Conference

First round

Wild beat Blues, 4-2

Blackhawks beat Predators, 4-2

Ducks beat Jets, 4-3

Flames beat Canucks, 4-2

Second round

Wild beat Blackhawks, 4-3

Ducks beat Flames, 4-3

Conference finals

Ducks beat Wild, 4-3

Stanley Cup Finals

Ducks beat Rangers, 4-3