Red Wings’ final odds for No. 1 pick: 8.5 percent

The Detroit News
Rasmus Dahlin

With the regular season complete, the NHL has released final percent chances for the 15 non-playoff teams to win the No. 1 selection in the NHL Draft.

The Detroit Red Wings have the fifth-best odds at 8.5 percent. The Buffalo Sabres have the best odds at 18.5 percent.

The NHL Draft Lottery is Saturday, April 28, in Toronto. Only the first three picks in the NHL Draft will be determined by the lottery. After the first three teams have been set, picks 4-15 will go in reverse order of regular-season points.

Rasmus Dahlin, a defenseman from Sweden, is expected to be the No. 1 pick. Quinn Hughes, a defenseman from the University of Michigan, also is expected to be selected high in the first round.

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Buffalo Sabres: 18.5 percent

Ottawa Senators: 13.5 percent

Arizona Coyotes: 11.5 percent

Montreal Canadiens: 9.5 percent

Detroit Red Wings: 8.5 percent

Vancouver Canucks: 7.5 percent

Chicago Blackhawks: 6.5 percent

New York Rangers: 6.0 percent

Edmonton Oilers: 5.0 percent

New York Islanders: 3.5 percent

Carolina Hurricanes: 3.0 percent

New York Islanders (from Flames): 2.5 percent

Dallas Stars: 2.0 percent

St. Louis Blues: 1.5 percent

Florida Panthers: 1.0 percent

Note: Under terms of a Nov. 5, 2017 trade, the Senators have the option to retain their pick and instead send the Avalanche their first-round pick in the 2019 NHL Draft.

Note: Under terms of a June 23, 2017 trade, if the Blues’ pick is in the top 10, the Blues have the option to retain their pick and instead send the Flyers their first-round pick in the 2019 NHL Draft.