Former Detroit Red Wings Hall of Fame netminder Terry Sawchuk is the subject of an upcoming film, "Goalie," which is expected to be released in selected Canadian theaters March 1.

Mark O'Brien ("Halt" and "Catch Fire") portrays Sawchuk in the Blue Ice Pictures production, which was filmed in Sudbury, Ontario.

The biopic is directed by Adriana Maggs and based on Randall Maggs' poem "Night Work" and David Dupuis' 1998 book "Sawchuk:  The Troubles and Triumphs of the World’s Greatest Goalie."

Sawchuk played 14 of his 21-year career during three separate tenures with the Red Wings, winning three Stanley Cups in Detroit (1952, '54 and '55). The Winnipeg, Manitoba, native also helped backstop the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Cup in 1967, the last time that team won the NHL crown.

"Goalie" covers the 11-time All-Star's phenomenal career, which was marred by injuries, alcoholism and depression. Sawchuk died at the age 40 of a pulmonary embolism in 1970.

"Goalie" will be released March 1 in Vancouver and Toronto.

The Sawchuk film comes on the heels of December's release of “Tough Guy, The Bob Probert Story,” which premiered in Windsor and was shown on Canadian TV.