Get to know Red Wings beat writer Ted Kulfan: He can't skate, seriously

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Editor's note: As coronavirus sweeps the globe, shutting down so many entertainment options including sports, we thought this would be a good opportunity for you to get to know a little bit about us. Up today: Red Wings beat writer Ted Kulfan, who can be followed on Twitter @tkulfan. Also, check out Kulfan's weekly OctoPulse Podcast at

1. I attended and graduated from Dearborn Fordson and Wayne State University. While at Fordson, my senior year, we went 19-2 during basketball season (I was stuck mainly on the bench) and won the regional championship in track and field (I contributed points in the long jump; sixth in regionals) and the 800-meter relay (we were sixth, also, I think).

Ted Kulfan and wife Angela at a Jimmy Buffett concert at DTE in 2017.

2. I also had the city of Dearborn’s best time in the 100 and 200 meters that season for a period of time* (*wind aided), but looking at the mirror, yes, that was 35 years and 80 pounds ago.

3. Except for a month during Christmas in college working at a toy store, and doing some work in high school for a catering firm, every penny I’ve ever earned has come from newspapers.

4. Like fellow sports writer James Hawkins, I failed swimming lessons as a kid. Now I avoid water deeper than 6 feet.

5. But I love the water, so go figure.

6. I met my wife — now months from our 25th anniversary — on my first full-time day at The Detroit News. I went to the old cafeteria to get coffee, saw her, we smiled at each other, and the rest is history.

7. I’ve covered hockey for over 20 years, but I don’t know how to skate. My son played through high school and loves the game, and I tried to learn, but didn’t come close to conquering the lessons.

8. I’d love to step foot in all 50 states. I’m at 37 right now.

9. If my wife and I are at home, not on working hours, chances are we are watching a black-and-white movie on Turner Classic Movies. I mean, like always. Our son will attest to that.

10. My parents came over from Poland in the mid-1960s. Trust me, I’ve always known the best restaurants and bakeries in Hamtramck — and still do.

Ted, sorry, Theodore Kulfan in his younger days. We give that stache a 10 out of 10!

11. Coolest event I’ve covered — although I didn’t cover the Red Wings at the time — was them winning the 1997 Stanley Cup at Joe Louis Arena. I’ve never heard an eruption of noise like that.

12. But a close second was helping cover the 2012 World Series (thankfully the NHL players were locked out at the time).

13. OK, here it goes. I am an avid professional wrestling fan. I DVR several shows a week and listen to some podcasts. I started watching in elementary school, and have never really stopped.

14. My wife OK’d this: my celebrity crush is Brooke Shields.

15. Definitely, more of a dog person.

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