Jeff Blashill's projects are at home, not on ice, as Red Wings, NHL wait out coronavirus

Ted Kulfan
The Detroit News

Detroit — Like everyone else, Jeff Blashill is sitting at home, spending time with his wife and kids, and getting some work done.

It’s just that the Red Wings’ head coach’s work isn’t preparing for the regular season’s final games, because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeff Blashill: "We’re at a disadvantage, without a doubt, in the sense that we haven’t skated since March 12."

In an interview Wednesday morning on the Jamie and Stoney show on 97.1 FM, Blashill said he’s patiently awaiting for life to return to normal, just as anyone else.

“Work stuff; a few projects I’ve wanted to do during the season but you don’t get to, do some stuff around the house, and spending time with the kids,” Blashill said. “And paying attention to what is going on the world.”

Blashill didn’t speculate as to when the NHL season could be restarting, if it will, and in what form it could restart if it does.

There have been rumors if the NHL does resume play, a team like the Red Wings, who already have been eliminated from playoff contention, might be done for the season.

Or, if the NHL wants to conclude the 82-game regular season schedule, the Red Wings will return to play their final 11 games.

“The one thing I don’t want to do is speculate, and I don’t know if anyone has those answers right now,” Blashill said. “It’s impossible. None of us know. We just don’t know what (any of the recent news) means for our season or playoffs or anything.

“Like everyone out there, we’d like to play a full season, full playoffs; that’s what everyone would like to do.”

To those who say the Red Wings wouldn’t be motivated to return and close out the season after this interruption, Blashill said this hiatus has given everyone perspective about how special it is to be coaching and playing in the NHL.

“Every single day you get to play and coach in the NHL is a great day,” Blashill said. “If anything, it’s a reminder of how quickly life can change and you make the most of every single day. It’s a great reminder.

“If we get the chance to resume the season, let’s make the most of every day.”

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