Red Wings' Dylan Larkin gets 'creative' working out at home while self-quarantining

Ted Kulfan
The Detroit News

Dylan Larkin is attempting to get through another day, just like anyone else in quarantine.

Larkin was part of an NHL video teleconference Monday along with division rivals Zdeno Chara (Boston), John Tavares (Toronto) and Brady Tkachuk (Ottawa), as the NHL attempts to open the lines of communication to its players.

Larkin is spending time at his house with his girlfriend, and their new puppy.

Red Wings' Dylan Larkin

“I’m just trying to develop a routine, gather more information and stay in shape, most importantly,” Larkin said. “I’ve just been at home and hanging out and that’s about it.”

Players were asked how they’ve spent their time, what television shows they’ve been binging on, and how they are staying in shape.

Issues such as if the regular season will be resumed or if the playoffs will take place were not addressed during the teleconference, which was moderated. Journalists submitted questions but few were answered. 

Chara was asked about how frustrating the finish was for a Bruins team that lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals last season, and had the NHL’s best record this season upon the pause.

“It’s obviously one of those situations that you can’t really control,” Chara said. “We all kind of have to look after each other, and hockey is secondary.

“If you look at it that way (hockey), it’s hard, the stage where we were at. Few games remaining, so close to the playoffs, and the team was playing well and so close to the playoffs and with playing with confidence. We were always in a good pace.”

Without access to teams’ workout facilities, players have had to find ways to get quality workouts at home.

Larkin has had to get “creative” to maintain his conditioning.

“I have a stationary bike and I’m using that as much as I can and dumbbells,” Larkin said. “Our trainer has sent us workouts and doing that, and waiting to see what happens.

“For myself, I haven’t had a time like this, just hanging at home and taking care of my body and resting. So that’s been one little positive.”

When talking about the other players on the call, Tkachuk, 20, praised Larkin, 23, — three years older than Tkachuk — for his influence on the U.S. National Development Program.

“He’s a motivator for all of us (19)99s in the U.S. program,” Tkachuk said. “To see his success the first couple of years in Detroit has been pretty cool. He’s definitely a huge part of USA Hockey and what’s he’s done and all of us look up to him.”

Among the off the wall, fun questions asked of him, Larkin said if he had to pick a teammate he’d like to be quarantined with and one he wouldn’t want to be — it would be Robby Fabbri to quarantined with, and Tyler Bertuzzi not.

“(Fabbri) brags about his cooking,” Larkin said. “That would be pretty clutch right now. He’s a true professional, too, in taking care of his body. So, he might be able to show me a couple of things.”

And as far as Bertuzzi?

“Kind of a slob,” Larkin said. “His locker stall, he has things everywhere. He’d make a mess and I’d be picking up after him.

“Although we would have a good time.”

As far as television binging, social media’s runaway favorite in recent weeks was also the favorite of Tuesday’s teleconference.

"Tiger King" is a runaway hit, with Larkin included in the club.

“Interesting, that’s all I’m going to say,” Larkin smiled. “The characters in the show…”

Each of the four players was given time to send a brief message to their team's fans, and Larkin was sincere saying "I just think we're all in this together.

"It's tough times, but it's a great time to spend with loved ones and in a safe way and looking out after your family is most important. We'll come out of this and hopefully come back to normal."

Larkin expressed thanks for the people "that are on the front line.

"In the hospitals, and nurses and doctors and emergency responders, they're on the front lines and they're the real heroes in this, for everything they're doing for us right now."

The NHL is hopeful of resuming its regular season and having a full playoff schedule, likely going into deep in the summer — if an opportunity to do so exists.

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