Farmington's Megan Keller apologizes to mom for mic'd-up hockey language

The Detroit News

Farmington's Megan Keller apologized to her mom for mic'd-up language during the Dream Gap Tour event to showcase women's hockey.

Keller, an Olympic gold medallist (2018), a four-time world champion (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019) and a top candidate to play in the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing, was featured in a video segment by Bauer Hockey at Madison Square Garden last week.

Farmington's Megan Keller, left, controls the puck against Minnesota's Abby Roque during the first period of the Dream Gap Tour women's game on Saturday at the United Center in Chicago.

Keller, who will be back on the ice for Team New Hampshire on Sunday at the United Center in Chicago, had two assists in the mic'd-up game against Minnesota. She was also in the lineup for New Hampshire's 4-1 loss on Saturday.

In the video at Madison Square Garden, Keller says, "But let's win this (bleep) hockey game," and "No brakes here. Let's (bleep) score."

Later, on her Twitter account, Keller said, "Sorry for the bleeps mom."

The tour was started by the Professional Women's Hockey Players Association and consists of the top women's hockey players in the world.

The Dream Gap tour aims to promote the establishment of a new North American women's league, preferably in partnership with the NHL. 

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