Postcard from Rio: Missing luggage is back — just in time

John Niyo
The Detroit News

Felt a little guilty yesterday, taking a bag of dirty clothes down to the front desk at my hotel. Not because I prefer to do my own laundry at home, though I really do. But because I actually had clothes to spare.

Emiliano Garcia knew his Olympic dream depended on his missing golf clubs.

Because for the first week in Rio, there has been a small band of reporters — friends among them — quietly suffering without their luggage, thanks to late connections and airline issues.

As the ordeal dragged on there were sad trips to the mall, and long faces in the main press center and venue tribunes. Three weeks on the road in a foreign country is hard enough, but do it without everything you packed for the trip is another challenge altogether.

Today, though, there were high-fives and smiles all around.

Barry Svrluga of the Washington Post freed his suitcase and another belonging to the Post’s Liz Clarke from airport captivity Monday. Toronto Star columnist Bruce Arthur was reunited with his bag Tuesday — I saw him in the press center happily wearing an Expos shirt.

And in one final triumph, there’s the story of Argentinean golfer Emiliano Grillo, who posted a photo of him and his golf clubs locked in a tearful embrace after they’d been delivered in time for Thursday’s opening round.