Postcard from Rio: Brazilian cheese bread snack worth packing

John Niyo
The Detroit News
The Brazilian cheese snack is often enjoyed with coffee.

It’s the tapioca flour, I’m told. It’s also the Brazilian (Minas) cheese, they say.

But as an addict, I’m not really sure I care at this point. All I really know is the pao de queijo are going to be hard to quit cold turkey.

They are Brazil’s versions of a doughnut, as best I can tell — a snack to have with your coffee in the morning. (Then again, they’re often set out like nacho chips at a party, too.) They are small, bite-size, cheesy puffs of bread cariocas eat in small quantities and visiting journalists eat by the dozen.

And while they apparently weren’t all that popular until a former president treated them the way Ronald Reagan used to treat jelly beans, they are quite popular now.

And they will be dearly missed, soon.