T-Mobile sweetens phone-upgrade program, axes fee

Associated Press

New York — T-Mobile is revamping its phone-upgrade program by eliminating a $10-a-month charge for the most popular phones.

The wireless carrier shattered longstanding industry practices two years ago by eliminating two-year service contracts and letting customers upgrade phones before they are fully paid off. T-Mobile charged $10 to participate in the Jump program, on top of the cost of the phone, paid in monthly installments.

AT&T and Verizon soon followed with their own programs — but they didn’t charge the monthly fee.

T-Mobile’s new Jump On Demand program makes customers eligible for upgrades automatically without paying that fee. Customers will be able to upgrade up to three times a year, which is more frequent than what rivals allow. Eligible phones include leading ones from Apple and Samsung.

The changes start June 28.