In the future, Detroit is the birthplace of an android revolution, revitalized and part of a "brave new world."

At least that is the vision brought to life in "Detroit: Become Human," a PlayStation 4 video game set in a futuristic version of the city coming out in the spring. The company urges players to "discover what it means to be human from the perspective of an outsider – see the world of man though the eyes of a machine."

Sony announced the release date for the choose-your-own-adventure game from French studio Quantic Dream earlier this week at the Paris Games Week. Sony also released a 3-minute long game play trailer that features plenty of intense/disturbing moments (Explicit content). 

According to PlayStation's website, the user plays as Kara, a female android "trying to find her own place in a turbulent social landscape. 

Screenshots posted to the site offer some familiar scenes of the Detroit skyline, the Ambassador Bridge and Capitol Park, which is in flames. 


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