Amazon’s new Ring security camera drone flies around inside your home

Matt Day and Ed Ludlow
Bloomberg Inc. has built a camera on a small drone designed to fly around inside the house and investigate suspicious activity.

The Ring Always Home Cam moves autonomously and is equipped with an indoor camera, giving users multiple viewpoints of their homes. The drone can take a path around inside the home that’s pre-determined by the user and only records when in flight, not when docked, the company said. When in motion, it makes an audible sound.

The Ring Always Home Cam recharges on a dock, left, and can fly around in inside your home.

Amazon says it can be used to check if the oven was left on, the doors are locked or the curling iron was left on. When used with Ring Alarm, it will fly the appropriate paths to check for potential disturbances when an alarm sensor is triggered.

The device will be available in 2021 for $250, the company said during a live-stream event on Thursday.

Ring, based in southern California, makes internet-connected doorbells and home cameras. Since Amazon’s acquisition of the startup in early 2018, it has seen sales surge. Ring has also been beset by privacy concerns, from hacks of its products due to weak passwords, to reports of employees sharing unencrypted user videos.