‘Game of Thrones’ tourism takes off in Spanish village

Lori Rackl
Chicago Tribune

Osuna, Spain — – “Game of Thrones” returned for its sixth season Sunday, but in this hillside village outside Seville, it’s as if the HBO blockbuster never left.

The Museum of Osuna recently rolled out a permanent exhibit devoted to the series, which shot some of last season’s most memorable scenes here. With the help of CGI magic and hundreds of residents happy to serve as extras, the town’s century-old bullring was transformed into the main fighting pit of Meereen.

“As soon as people saw the show, tourists started to come,” local television producer Jesus Cansino said through a translator.

Cansino’s private collection of cast photos, autographs and memorabilia make up many of the displays spread across two rooms in the modest museum, at 37 Calle Sevilla in an 18th century building — downright modern by “Game of Thrones” standards. (Closed Mondays; admission 2 euros.)

The concise, well-curated exhibit — with information placards in Spanish and English — includes everything from tiny Tyrion Lannister dolls to a life-size White Walker. Fan art of Daenerys Targaryen and sword replicas hang on the stone-covered walls. Visitors can watch a video of behind-the-scenes footage of Season 5 filming.

Osuna is an easy day trip by car or train from Seville, which is no stranger to “Game of Thrones” camera crews, either. The Andalusian capital in southern Spain is home to the stunning Alcazar Palace that doubled as the Water Gardens of Dorne.