6 things to know before flying WOW air

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

The Icelandic, low-cost airline WOW air is headed toward Detroit Metropolitan Airport's runways in April, offering flights from Detroit to Europe and other destinations for as low as $99.

Before travelers start purchasing tickets (which go on sale Wednesday at the airline's website), there are six details to know.

1. Carry-ons

While many airlines let you slide in with a roller bag and one personal bag, it won't fly on WOW air. WOW air only allows one carry on the size of a purse or briefcase. 

WOW will begin flights at Detroit Metro in April.

Passengers are also recommended to pack light. A checked baggage weighing over the 44-pound limit is an extra $20 per pound, according to the airline's website. 

2. The seats

The seats are arranged by standard front, standard back, XL, XXL and Big Seat. If you're too cool for school, most airlines like this one allow you to choose your own seat for an extra fee, however, WOW air's selections only differ by leg room, not seat size. The difference in dimensions is also less than a foot between them. 

Standard seats are up to 31 inches of leg room, XL is up to 33 inches, XXL is 35 inches and a "Big Seat" is 37 inches. Prices are not yet available for Big Seat fees, but others are a minimum $30 upcharge. 

3. Service on board

For flights lasting longer than six hours, airlines usually provide a meal, especially when crossing overseas. Not WOW. According to WOW's online menu, the cheapest sandwich is $10 and differs depending on where the flight is departing from. 

Passengers are allowed to bring aboard their own food and closed-bottle beverages from the airport and should because WOW will not provide snacks or water. 

4. Lowest cost

WOW air says its main priority is the passenger receiving the cheapest flight possible. It won't price match other airlines but will disclose cheaper flight information if there is one available. 

"When our customers contact us to inquire about a fare or make a reservation through our website or by calling our call center, we will disclose that the lowest fare offered by WOW air may be available elsewhere if that is the case," according to the website.

5. No pets

WOW air does not allow any pets on board or offer pet travel services. Many airlines will allow a therapy animal on board, however, WOW will only allow service dogs with proper registration and paperwork.

The service dog must be registered a week in advance and must be in the owner's lap with a muzzle or leash. 

6. No connection

The airline does offer outlets for free charging on the plane, but no movies, game screens or WiFi. 

"There is no in-flight entertainment system on board our aircraft, only the thrill of sitting high up in the sky and enjoying the flight. We, therefore, recommend that our guests bring something fun along with them, especially when traveling with children," according to its website.