Metro Detroiters can expect consistent cloudy weather for the next few days with high temperatures in the mid-40s and the lows around 30 degrees.

"Cloudy, cold and a chance of precipitation should be consistent,"  Andrew Arnold, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in White Lake Township, said Saturday.

While much of Monday will be sunny with highs near 49 degrees, wind gusts are expected around 30 mph in the late afternoon, Arnold said. 

The average daily temperature in Detroit so far this month has been 61.7 degrees, which is 7.3 degrees higher than the average for October. If the temps were to remain that high, it would mark the second warmest October on record.

As for snow, Arnold said, it doesn't look like Metro Detroit will see any in the next seven days, but there is a chance of a rain, snowshower mix in the early morning hours on Wednesday.


Saturday night:  Cloudy with lows around 34 degrees, a small chance of rain.

Sunday: Partly cloudy with highs near 48 degrees with light winds coming from the northwest.

Monday: Partly sunny, highs near 49 degrees, winds will pick up around 8 p.m. and wind gusts are expected around 30 mph in the late afternoon. 

Tuesday: Partly sunny, highs near 47 degrees, lows around 34 degrees. 

Wednesday: Highs around 48 degrees, mostly cloudy with a chance of rain. Possible rain, snowshower mix in the early morning hours.

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