Halloween is going to be a real chiller.

But instead of things going bump in the night giving everyone goosebumps, it'll be cold temperatures. 

"Temps are going to stay on the cooler side today with highs only around 40," said Sara Pampreen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in White Lake Township. "By this evening, for trick-or-treating, our temps are going to feel like the low 30s. It's going to be chilly out."

So, all of the little monsters, princesses and superheroes who are taking mom or dad tricking-or-treating tonight around Metro Detroit better make sure they're dressed warmly.

Air from Canada is funneling down into Michigan and causing the weather to be as cold as a tombstone, she said.

However, on the bright side, Pampreen said, it should be dry.

"The precip should stay mainly north of Detroit today," she said. "We'll dry out overnight (Tuesday)."

That's a continuation of cooler temperatures Monday in the area, which saw rain mixed with sleet.

Pampreen said snow was spotted Monday night in the Flint and Ann Arbor areas.

"Flint reported a tenth of snow and Ann Arbor reported two tenths overnight," Pampreen said.

Extended forecast


Mostly cloudy with a high near 41 degrees, a low of about 35 degrees as well as a 20 percent chance of rain at night.


Mostly cloudy with a high near 46 degrees and a low of about 43 degrees. There's a 90 percent chance of precipitation at night and up to a quarter of an inch is possible.


Rain before 8 a.m. with a high near 61 degrees and a low of about 45 degrees. There's also an 80 percent chance of precipitation.


Mostly sunny with a high near 52 degrees and a low of about 38 degrees. There's a chance of showers before 8 a.m.  


Mostly cloudy with a high near 50 degrees and a low in the low 40s. There's a chance of showers after 2 p.m.


Mostly cloudy with a high near 58 degrees and a low around 50 degrees. Showers likely at night.


Cloudy with a high near 62 and a chance of showers.

Source: National Weather Service


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