While the first major snowfall of the season didn't break the record, Metro Detroit can expect cold temperatures with more snowfall starting Monday. 

"The record for Dec. 9 is four inches of snow, which was set in 1983...we had 1.7 inches (Saturday)," said Trent Frey, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in White Lake Township.

Frey said the average first snowfall comes around Nov. 17. 

"We've had some flurries but Saturday was the first widespread snowfall to blanket Metro Detroit, but we're not too far behind," he said. 

The next chance for snow will be Monday with a chance of up to 2 inches. 


Saturday night: Snowfall ends low 20 degrees overnight. 

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, highs around 30 degrees and lows around 20 degrees in the evening. 

Monday: Chance for snow will start in the morning with highs around 34 degrees with a low of 21 degrees and more snow overnight. 

Tuesday: Chance for snow early in the morning, high of 25 degrees and low of 11 degrees. 

Wednesday: High of 24 degrees and low of 18 degrees with possible flurries. 

Source: National Weather Service

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