It may not officially be summer yet, but it sure felt like Detroit skipped spring for a brief period in May.

Last month was the second hottest May on record for the metro area, according to the National Weather Service. 

The average overall temperature was 66.2 degrees, just a few points shy of breaking the 1991 record of 66.5 degrees.

On a day-to-day basis, Metro Detroit temperatures did not break any records but did tie two record highs. On May 2, it was 85 degrees — a record high set in 2012 and 1901 — and on May 27, it reached 91 degrees — a record set in 1941 and 1911. 

"It was a lot warmer than normal. Last year, average overall temperatures for May was 59 degrees. We didn't even have any 90-degree days. We mostly had temperatures sitting in 60s and lower 70s," said Alex Manion, a meteorologist with the weather service based in White Lake Township.

  • Hottest day - May 28 (94 degrees)
  • Coldest days - May 11 and 12 (43 degrees)

May was also the fifth wettest on record with 6.35 inches of rainfall. On May 11, Detroit received 1.39 inches of rainfall in a 24 hours.  

"According to our data, we usually receive about 3 inches of rainfall for the month. Last year, we received 2.97; however, this May was much warmer," Manion said.

Manion said the summer could be slightly warmer than normal, but it's too soon to tell. 

"We're looking at a slight chance to see above normal temps for the summer," said Manion. "Michigan straddles for normal and possibly above normal chances. It's unclear because predictive signals are not all that strong for our area, but there are some signs showing warmer weather."

The National Weather Service's climate data prediction center is expected to release an updated forecast before summer officially kicks off on June 21. 

Extended Forecast 

Saturday: Mostly sunny, high of 72 degrees, low of 58 degrees. 

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, high of 73 degrees with thunderstorms in the afternoon.

Monday: Partly sunny, high of 70 degrees, low of 54 degrees. 

Tuesday: Sunny, high of 74 degrees, low of 56 degrees. 

Wednesday: Partly sunny, high of 78 degrees and low of 63 degrees. 

Thursday: Chance of showers, high of 83 degrees.

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