Detroit — Metro Detroit largely dodged the 2 to 3 inches of snowfall projected for Wednesday night and Thursday morning — only about a half-inch actually fell — but will not avoid the arctic winds that have the northern part of Michigan well below the freezing point.

National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Considine said the expected snowfall overnight mostly took place in the Ohio Valley, south of Michigan. The snow that did fall came in small flakes that "didn't amount to very much," he said.

But morning commuters will wake up to snow on their cars and lawns Thursday morning, and an "inch or two" of snow is expected, Considine said. Thursday morning's snow is of the "light, dry, powdery" variety.

Arctic air will hit the region in the late morning in early afternoon, sometime between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., Considine said, dropping the low-30s temperatures of the early morning into the teens in the afternoon, and then, eventually, to the single digits. That's where northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are already, and that's the air that's coming for Metro Detroit.

Friday's high should only reach about 20s, with "below zero" wind chill in the morning. It will reach the single digits later in the day. Overnight lows going into Saturday should be around 10 degrees.

On Saturday, the arctic air should leave the area, and highs in the 30s are expected. There is a 30 percent chance of light snow, Considine said.

Sunday's high will be in the upper 30s.

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